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Tom Dugan Dec 31, 2002 7:23 PM

4300 ans Teleconverter
After reading too many reviews of too many cameras, I have (I think!) decided on the CP 4300. I wanted a longer zoom, but after reading about the telephoto converters, it seems like the 4300 and a converter will be a better bet than a similarly priced camera with a longer zoom, but images that are not as good. I would mostly want the camera for all around use and the telephototo for my kids' recitals and stuff like that. (I'm going crazy because, as you all know, there's always another camera for just a little more money that might be a little better! If I'm spending $500, why not $600 or $700?? That's almost $1,000, so what the heck!) Does the 4300 make sense to anyone besides me? Thanks for any advice you can offer.

Tom Dugan

Jim Ghiringhelli Jan 1, 2003 4:34 AM

The Nikon 4500 is a better bang for the buck ! Assuming you want to buy in that price range.

At (where I bought my camera-dont buy the accessories)
the Nikon 4500 is $506 which is $37 more than for the 4300 and you get 44 MM more telephoto range.

The add on lenses are generally not as good as the glass you will get with the camera. So this makes sense in the $500 price area.

thats my advice to you!

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