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Default 5700 - Manual Focus? If so, how?

I'm using a Nikon CP5700 in a laboratory for collecting a series of images focused at a different controlled distance. I vary the distance by using a mechanical mechanism external to the camera.

Does the CP5700 have a manual focus capability? If so, how do I do it? I've browsed the manual, read any parts that seem to be about manual focus, and explored the menus and display information, but can't seem to figure out just how it's done. It seems like the macro setting infers manual focus, but that's not clear.

Also, if I lock focus, does that lock hold over a series of shots until it is unlocked, or does it reset for each shot?

Maybe I'm just too accustomed to my Minolta A1 at home with its manual focus ring that makes it an easy transition from film cameras, but I find nothing like that on the 5700. Maybe one of the control wheels while holding down some button?

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Default CP5700 Manual Focus - SOLVED

Thanks all! Got the answer to the same post over on the DPR Nikon forum.

My oversight...covered on page 80 of the manual.

Not exactly as user friendly a process as the Minolta A1, but may be adequate. Will still have to check it out and see if it stays in focus at the set point for the next shot - need that for this experiment.
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