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Default 5700 shutter strangeness

Hey all,
I have a 5700 that I sent to Nikon for repair and when I got the camera back some things seems strange.

The main thing is that when I take a picture in manual mode, I used to be able to push the shutter release 1/2 way immediately after the shot to prepare for the next shot. Now when I do this, the LCD (or view finder) display freezes until I release the button and the writing to the CF card is suspended while the shutter release is held. In addition to that, for some reason the flash won't fire on the next shot if I do the 1/2 shutter thing. I now have to wait until the image is completely written to the CF card before I can compose the next shot.

The other thing that is strange is that while in manual mode I used to be able to set the aperture to 2.8 regardless of the zoom position. Now the aperture setting is dependant on the zoom position (which is the way every other camera I've used has worked). There is a setting in the menus to keep the aperture from changing when the lens is zoomed in, but this setting doesn't seem to change anything.

I was going to call Nikon to see what they could tell me, but I wanted to see if anyone here has any suggestions before I call them.

Thanks in advance.
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Default The solution

I figured out the solution to my shutter release question.
It turns out if the shutter release option is set to Quick Response the camera will display the symptoms I was having. I set the Shutter Release to Normal mode and the camera will now allow the next shot to be framed in the LCD or view finder while it writes the image to the CF Card.

With regard to the aperture setting, I apparently was mistaken about the camera holding the f stop regardless of the zoom position, however I still don't know what the aperture/zoom setting does.
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