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mtclimber May 28, 2009 12:13 AM

Any Nikon P-6000 Users Out There?

The Nikon P-6000 has been set up to compete with the Canon G-10. What is your experience, does the Nikon P-6000 camera really compete with the Canon G-10?

Luminous Landscape feels that the Canon G-10 is the winner in a head to head competition of the Nikon P-6000 and the Canon G-10. How do you feel?

Watching the Nikon Forum over at DPR, I have seen some really amazing and excellent P-6000 photos posted.

So, perhaps it is indeed time for a real world check. I would really be interested in hearing your experiences with the Nikon P-6000, which seems to be a rather interesting camera.

Sarah Joyce

mtclimber May 29, 2009 8:58 PM

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Let's give you a Nikon P-6000 photo to compare-

Is the P-6000 a DSLR replacement? no, It is really not. It is a very good Point & Shoot digicam. Just like the canon G-10 is Canon's answer to the P-6000.

Its photos are excellent, but in the final analysis, they will not surpass a DSLR camera.

Sarah Joyce

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