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Default battery problem

I have a cp4300 with a standard battery that i got with it. i find that after about 35-40 pics and viewing the pictures the battery meter starts to show and then goes dead
what is the best solutions to solve this prob either buy another battery and if so which one so it will last me all day no probs , if not maybe its worth buying a car recharger so i can recharge the battery on the way ? i usually like to go out and know that i can take quite a number of pics without worrying ?
could someone help me
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Adam, I just got myself an extra battery. The battery options with the CP4300 is severely limited unless you opt for external packs like the Maha.

You should also learn not to review and delete so much. Take the pictures and after you're done for the day, then review and delete (on a computer preferably). For me, one pack lasts for about 66 shots (Fine and at 4MP size). That's a full 128MB.

So far, I don't think there is any battery for any camera in this range that can last all day.
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I don't know what the power rating is for the Nikon battery, but you can look here:

For some after market batteries. I've never used that company, so I can't say if it's a good one or not. All I can say it that I like them because their web site is designed well. 3 clicks and I have the answer about batteries. Quick and clean.

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what is the best way to use my battery (the battery i got with the cp4300) cause some people are telling me that i should drain the battery so it is empty each time before i recharge it again ,is that true or doesn't it matter at what stage i recharge the battery?
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If battery is an issue, consider a sony f717.

It comes with the camcorder battery, and outlasts other sonys (like the little p10) by about two times (rough estimate)..

Another thing is looking for aftermarket batteries at lower prices, so you could swap them in....

All the best.
DGR. I usually post on the Sony forum.
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Default Mmmmmm......


You have to buy extra batteres for your camera.

I have 2 extra Uniross 750 Mah. All digicams are hungry to power.
4300 is a great camera. I love it very much....
Lenmar 800 Mah will last longer than Nikon 680 Mah ones.
The price is good too... Just buy 2 extra ones like me and be safe...
I don't kow but if you can find 900 or 1000 mah batteries in USA they will last more longer......
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