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sEon Aug 30, 2006 6:26 AM

coolpix 4500 focus problem

Hi, I know the camera is rather old model, but I like the functionality it should have. The should here is the keyword :( Somehow I can't get it to make well focused pictures. I tried with auto and manual focus. No luck! The focus is never perfect and the pics just don't get the impact I want.
I tried with tripod making stillifes on the desk with variable lens lenght and aperture. Tried to play with sharpening features, light measurements and autofocus options. No matter what - the focus is always escaping. Probably the only occasion I have good focus is in extreme macro pictures. Or even there I don't get it, just that it is extreme macro and when it is smaller than the original image size it seems in good focus...
Any opinion and help will be greatly appreciated! thanks in advance :)

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