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The T side of the zoom rocker switch on my 4500 doesn't work. When I push the T side, there is no resistance, and the button just drops right down to level with the back of the camera.
The W side works normally, but as soon as I zoom the lens all the way to Wide, I won't be able to bring it back to any longer focal length.

Has anyone experienced this problem?
Have you had it repaired?
What did the repair cost?
Who did the repair, and would you recommend using them?


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Je viens d'avoir le même problème. J'ai démonté la partie qui vient coiffer le bouton w/t . J'ai enlevé le bouton w/t. J'ai vu qu'il y avait deux petites fenêtres sous ce bouton? A gauche (sous le w) il y avait un petit bout de plastique et plus rien sous le t. J'ai enlevé le plastique de gauche pour voir et j'ai mis dans les deux fenêtres un petit bout de carton rectangulaire correspondant aux trous. Bouton remonté ça fonctionne !
Il faut bien regarder partout pour démonter, ouvrir les trappes, tourner le bi-corps. Ne pas perdre les vis, bien noter d'où vient chacune...
Mais c'est facile * faire soi-même.


Pierre Héno
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Default How to fix Coolpix 4500 telephoto zoom switch in English

I used the French fellow Pierre's instructions to fix the same problem on my camera, and was very happy! Just in case you don't speak French and can't follow his instructions, here's how to fix the problem described on this thread. You only need a tiny screwdriver -- like the kind for glasses, and maybe some pointed tweezers to get the screws back in the holes for reassembly.

There are six screws you must remove to get the screen side of the back cover off. Two are concealed in the Compact Flash Card door (both towards the rear and facing the same direction as the CF card insertion). Another is behind the "Digital I/O -A/V Out" rubber stopper above the CF door and goes toward the camera front at the top.) Then there is one screw on the bottom, to the left of the "Made in Japan" sticker, and two on the opposite side of the CF door. (You need to rotate the lens to see these two.) Remove the screws, keeping track of which goes where, and carefully lift off the back cover around the screen. (Manualspace-dot-com has a Coolpix 4500 repair manual you can download if you need a diagram.)

This stage reveals the zoom rocker switch. Note: you do not need to remove the rocker switch itself. If you look carefully with a flashlight obliquely under that rocker switch, though, you will see there is a rectangular depression under each side of the the switch. On the working side of the switch (which in all three cases posted here was the "W" side) there is a small black rectangular spacer in that depression, flush with the surface. However you will see that the broken side (that just flops down) is missing this little insert. If you cut out a tiny piece of plastic or cardboard to properly fit in that little depression and insert it under the "T" side that's not working, you will fix your problem! I was delighted to be able to use my zoom again-- Merci, Pierre!
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Default How to fix Coolpix 4500 telephoto zoom switch

Thanks to pheno43 for the original instructions, and to macroguy for providing the essential, and very clear, English translation.
My 4500 lost the same crucial part of the toggle mechanism yesterday, and thanks to macroguy, I could see the problem immediately.
I did remove (ease off) the little W-T toggle itself, which does make fitting the small replacement rectangular spaces much easier. The spacer is remarkable thin, but eventually I found that the black plastic casing of a 2 1/2" floppy (remember them?!) is exactly the correct thickness required. I cut a rectangle that was considerably larger than the original (i.e. so that the gap under the toggle is more or less filled, allowing for just a little movement each way). I would expect this larger replacement spacer to be less likely to drop out under the toggle that a smaller one would (time will tell). Anyway, it works like a dream. Merci and thanks.
[Note also that the 4500 casing screws are of two sorts, not to be mixed up!].
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