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Default CP4500 disappointments

Hi this is what I read in the www.dpreview.com Nikon Forum


after two months with the 4500 i just wanted to give my final opinion on this cude camera: besides all the known advantages - ergonomics, swivel, siltent use, no pop-out lens, extensive user controls - I must conclude that the cameras handling of hard contrasts is so bad and the number of spoilt pictures in strong sunlight is so high, that I wouldn't buy this camera again. Sometimes the matrix metering does a marvelous job - most of the times, faces in sunlight are just white like ghosts, totally blown out. Same critics for the internal flash: even if you lower its power, close-ups of faces are white like clay. No subtility in skin tones. It certainly is the firmware's fault, who favours this clipping of highlights and it just is not acceptable.

Of course, you can do marvelous pictures with this camera. But neither in very low light (focus), nor in very strong light (white faces). Besides that, writing times are sub-standard.

Shame I didn't wait for the G3. Canon does it better.


Does anybody who has the cp4500 agree with that? I donīt think that it is so bad! I am waiting for my cp4500, i think i will get it this week!

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No matter what we talk or write about there are always going to be fans who think anyone that dislikes their item is a moron and those who feel the product stinks no matter what anyone says.

I try to remain in the middle.

I notice the person didn't mention white balance or what mode they are shooting in or what adjustments they made, besides messing a little with flash strength.

This camera is a tool and is only as good as the person behind the lens.

I'm not saying this camera does not have a hard time in low light in certain conditions and it does have faults, but what camera out there doesn't?

I have taken shots in very low light and extreme sunlight from multiple light angles and depending on your mode and settings you can definately experience problems and crappy photos.

However, if you know the camera and have the time to make adjustments and corrections you will be able to get a crisp and clear shot in both these conditions.

So far this camera has been well worth the money and it performs well above what I was expecting and the capabilities are usually more than I need in most situations.

You'll have your own 4500 soon enough and you'll go through the learning curve and experience the good and bad first hand.

In the end I hope you are happy with the CP4500 and it provides many years of good service and captures some great moments in your life and travels.
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Thank you Jaseball! again
Iīm waiting for my CP and the only thing I can do is to browse around in several forums and then I read such topics
And so I have to ask people who have more experience

Thanks again Jaseball!!!!

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Default Dumb Battery Charger

In doing my research before buying the 4500 I had read that the ENEL1 would give equivalent performance to the AAs I use in my 990. The missing piece of info was that the charger is not a 'smart charger'. If one places a fully charged battery in it damage can occur to the battery.

This is a serious concern to me, and I've not found a solution (replacement charger).
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Sure, the G-3 will be great. It has an f2 lense nad they were following up the biggest advantage of the CP4500 in regards to the G2: now the G3 will have 140 mm, almost hit the 155mm of the 4500.
So for the weaker built in tele in the G2 I have preferred to by the 4500. I have fantastic paper prints even at Sunlight against the object.
Actually if I look to the focusing options the G3 will offer, I would think that all in all the G3 is the better camera, but don't forget that it'll be around 150-200$ more expensive.
The 4500 is probably still unbeatable as far as it's 2 cm macro close up's is concerned and the transfer-speed of the memory is in my mind fine. Another point is that the initialization when you power on is really short.
I agree the camera can only be as good as its user

Have fun

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I've been using the 4500 for slightly over a month now and my general opinion is positive. In-fact it's allowed me to achieve results that I only used to dream about 20 years back.

You may gather it's my first digital camera and I only use it for wildlife photography (and as such it's only been used through my Leica scope to date). To summarise.

1) Lens & zoom. Good images and no distortion problems noted, but I'm beginning to believe that the zoom is best avoided for my line of work.

2) Exposure settings. I've never tried using it above ISO 200 but I've been able to take pictures down to 1/2 second (see attached badger at dusk from about 100 metres).

(above image replaced on 28/09/2002 - Graham)

The only problem I noted was that as the light got worse the refresh time on the screen got very slow and eventually I couldn't see through the screen at all. Non the less the camera still worked fine (but by this time the badgers were grey blurs in the photographs due to their movement). I tend to use manual exposure control but with aperture priority.

3) Write time. Generally fine for JPEG, but poor for Continuous exposure setting if you go beyond 3 or 4 shots.

4) Image Quality and colour. Very happy.

5) Accessories. Probably the one weak point. I use the electronic shutter release and find it indispensable for photography through a telescope, but there is a 1 to 2 second latency that I'd be very happy to see fixed. Also, the actual physical connection for the release to camera is poor.

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