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Default CP5400 Speedlight Advice


I am looking for hot-shoe mounted speedlight for my CP5400. I have tried an SB28 but get very inconsistent results but I have no instructions for it. Does any one have recommendations or experience with a satisfactory solution?

Thanks in advance...Henry
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I recently bought the 5400, and i love it. A couple of weeks later I bought the SB-80 Nikon speedlight. Even though not all the features of the SB-80 work with the Coolpix cameras, the flash works very well with the 5400.

The flash is powerful enough to let you use the diffuser in most shots, giving you excellent exposures with the (faux) TTL mode. The SB-80 is pricey, but flashes do not become technologically obsolete very fast--so I looked at it as an investment that will probably survive my 5400.

My next flash will probably be LED based (in 2009).
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From Steves review it looks as if the more expensive flashes are a waste of money and the zoom feature will not work. So basically all I need is a good dump flash.

Will any flash work for it? I kow nothing about flashes I have a old canon flash would that work? I not what do I need to look out for in a fash that will work for this camera? Will they say Nikon compatible or somehting?


From 5400 review?

The Nikon SB-50DX and SB-80DX Speedlights have powerful AF-assist illuminators and auto-zoom heads; neither of these features can be controlled by the Coolpix 5400

If your photography relies heavily on the use of an integrated external flash, the Coolpix 5400 will disappoint; if you need an external flash occasionally only for additional power, save yourself a few bucks and get a 3rd-party flash without the automated features that the 5400 fails to exploit.

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I got a Canon Speedlite 300 EZ to work on my 5400 but both flashes go off all the time in auto mode. In manual mode I can select it. This is annoying...

If I put it back on my canon camera... what should I set the zoom at it goes 28-70..


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