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Default D100 exposure question

please help me with this question, i am confused. I am outdoor, and metered the subject with a light meter. -- > 1/160, f/8 and put the D100 on manual with the setting. after i take the picture. the photo is under exposed. I know D100 tend to under expose the photo ~ 0.3 or 0.7 stop. But i thought that's only with the D100 metering system. If i bypass the D100 metering system. I should get the proper exposure.

I am using the light meter an incident meter.
is it a problem with my light meter, i am using a Sekonic 358. I didn't find anything wrong with the light meter. do i have calibrate it after i got it? if yes, how do i do it.

if i have D100 and F100,
I am using manual on both and set for 1/160 and f/8. assume the film for F100 will capture the light as the same as the D100 ccd.
the photo from d100 will be underexposed compare to the output from the F100.
is this right?


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