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mhler Aug 12, 2002 11:55 AM

D100 versus Coolpix 5700
I have several Nikon film cameras (FM, N6006, and Pronea) and have some experience with the Olympus E-10 digital camera. I'm pretty facile with digital photo editing and have been using my friend's E-10 on trips and have been successful with the controls and picture quality. I like the portability of the Pronea and have been surprised how good the image quality is, after years of using the 6006. I'm ready to finally actually buy my first digital camera and I want a Nikon. Do I want the D-100 or the 5700? Picture quality? Convenience? Versatility? Ready to buy, just want some guidance. thanks!

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sjms Aug 12, 2002 12:24 PM

the d 100 limits severely your ability to shoot wide angle due to the 1.5 conversion factor you must factor in to the lens you put on. of course if long is your thing you've hit a goldmine.
now the 5700 is an excelent camera with some strange quirks. no filter threads. widest angle is 35mm but it goes to 280.

i have an f5 n90s nikonos v for film.
i chose the Minolta D7i. 28-200 zoom (manual zoom ring no pushbutton). 2 levels of macro. other little things too. nonpropriatary batteries(4 AA nimh). it fit in my existing system better plus i love the wide angle.

i forgot about the one other big difference
about $1000

thats my 2 cents

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Arnold Aug 16, 2002 10:41 AM

Own a CP/880

Hmm, just bought a D100, waiting for delivery. I also seriously considered the CP/5700. I agree that the 1.5x is a limiting factor if you need wide angle [14mm-class Nikkors are very pricey!].

I would choose CP/5700 without question if you don't _need_ an SLR. Save cash...I had Minolta Dimage 5; it was a great camera in light, but absolutely terrible in low light; extremely poor focusing accuracy, and questionable metering at times. As much of my work is done in the dark/dusk/indoors, this was very important.....although I haven't even ever seen a D100, the CP/880 that I own [as well as time w/ N90, F4, 8008, and speedlites] have proven their worth.

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