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Default Digital functions vs equivalent film camera functions

Hi All,

I understand that the digi cam works by light striking the photosensitive ccd which generates an electrical signal which is in turn digitised and away the cameras software goes turning it into a picture.

The 5700 also has many functions similar to a normal film camera, like f-stop, shutter speed & film speed. What I am curious about is which of these functions are physical and which occur in software?
The easy ones (I think) are:
f-stop - physical, shutters physical aperture opening, same as film camera
shutter speed - physical time shutter open, same as film camera
focus & zoom - focus is physical, zoom is physical if in optical range, software if using digital zoom.

But what about film speed and the exposure compensation? With film speed it physically has a different sensitivity to light. How does the digi cam/CCD mirror this, is it in software or is it changing the sensitivity of the CCD hardware somehow with a global compensation factor? Do the film speed and exposure comp work in the same way, both just adjust the overall sensitivity to light of the CCD?

I would expect Image sharpening, Contrast, Saturation etc are all post-ccd software processing functions?

Quite interested in all this, as been doing a lot of reading from film camera books which provide lots of guidance on film speed, f-stop and shutter speed for different situations, but not sure how much is applicable to the CP5700. Time will tell of course, but interested what other's have found/know.

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I did some more playing around last night, and noticed that when you do expsosure compensation the shutter speed adjusts by maybe 10-15%. So is the exposure comp actually just fine tuning the shutter speed to get less/more exposure, or is it the auto shutter speed & f-stop reacting to the exposure adjustment?

Perhaps this question makes it clearer what I was getting at above.

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