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Default Do you advise me NIKON 5700 ?

I wih to buy NIKON 5700 Digital Camera.
Are there cautions to buy this model ?
Do you advise me NIKON 5700 ?

Thank you
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I purchased my Coolpix 5700 about 4 weeks ago and love it. I have been very impressed with the quality of the photos. The zoom is excellent and you can get very close with the macro. What sold me on the 5700 is the clear view finder. The swivel LCD is very handy for those tricky shots.
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From the user reviews it seems to be a satisfying camera,
You may go ahead and get one.
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Default Go ahead and buy the Coolpix 5700, Freefish


I bought my Nikon Coolpix 5700 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in September (I reside in Manila). I started shooting with it immediately and was quite satisfied with the results. However, I felt I was still in the early stages of my learning curve with it. (I have been taking digital fotos for over a year, using first a Canon A50, later a Canon Pro 90 IS. With both cameras, I didn't feel I was exploiting their capabilities to the fullest. I had been into 35mm photography for more than 30 years before that.)

In early October, I was in Kuala Lumpur again. I bought the MB5700 power pack and a SB50DX flash. The added weight of the power pack somehow helped me take better pictures. I think I had been missing the heft of my 35mm Nikons before that. But I found that it eats up alkaline batteries like crazy. I have just obtained from the USA the Rayovac 1-hour charger and Rayovac 1600 mAh NiMH batteries. So far it seems to really charge in less than 1 hour. Based on recommendations from this forum, I bought the set and am looking forward to putting the batteries through a real workout.

The SB-50DX works fine although with a tendency to over-expose at ranges closer than 15 feet. I like using the combined setting (with both flashes firing simultaneously, the built-in covered by the 50DX's diffuser, and the 50DX itself set to bounce off the ceiling). But I haven't really put the 50DX through it's paces. I know when I used the Canon Pro 90IS with a Canon flash unit (I forget the model number), I was very happy with that combo.

I find that the more I use it, the better my pictures get. I'm quite happy with the 5700. I think you'll have all the resolution, etc. you'll need unless you shoot commercially for magazines and advertisers. As far as the zoom range is concerned, there's plenty on the telefoto side. Need more wide angle? Shoot for panorama and use the Nikon's panorama (stitch) software. Works very well and very automatically. Just make sure you keep your camera rotating around a fixed axis (note that the 5700's tripod socket is not directly under the lens!), and the lens axis as level as you can keep it to the horizon.

Going through the menus to make adjustments can be a drag, but I've gotten used to it so I don't miss too many pictures while fiddling around with my settings. The User Set functions help in this regard.

Okay, hope I've been of some help to you.

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I got the CP5700 and like it.

The most annoying problems is :

It's UNABLE to focus from dim to darkness without turning up the ISO. If you are going to take a lot of photos indoor or at night - buy a flash right away.

If you're a newbie to digicam - it may be too complicated to use and understand all it's functions.

You will miss an wideangel lens.

You'll miss a filter in front of the lens.

You'll hate the prices on acsessories.

You're gonna love you photos!

You should consider the Minolta 7hi.
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