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Default Enjoying the Nikon P900

This is a pretty amazing tool. Although I have numerous Pro Body and Prosumer Body Nikon digital cameras and many great lenses, I find the P900 which I recently acquired to be an amazing piece of kit. The zoom range is nothing short of phenomenal. 24mm to 2000mm optical zoom (35mm equivalent) and 4x digital zoom to get out to 8,000 mm !! The even more amazing thing is that it's totally possible to hand-hold this at these ridiculous focal lengths. The image quality, especially at ISO 100 to ISO 400 is really not bad at all. No, it's not up to my D7200 with a Sigma 300-800mm attached, but it didn't cost $10,000 either and when working at extreme focal lengths, ambient atmospheric conditions take more away from the image quality than the sensor differences. The lens on the P900 is a work of art. Correction is so good that there is a surprising absence of chromatic aberration even at ridiculous zooms. The other morning I snapped a quick 800mm frame of a little bunny hiding in my grass out the window of my idling car. I wouldn't have been able to get the shot with one of my big dSLR's and a 150-600 OS Sigma attached. I've shot wildlife (elk, etc.) with it and the results are just fine. Later I'll attach some shots of the moon - but here's a couple plus a link to a good review:


http://www.lin-evans.org/p900/hiding.jpg http://www.lin-evans.org/p900/post7.jpg http://www.lin-evans.org/p900/post8.jpg http://www.lin-evans.org/p900/post9.jpg Link to Review: https://photographylife.com/reviews/nikon-coolpix-p900

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Really a good shot.I will get the P900 for sure.
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Lin I remember you when you were with the Sigma Dslr. You seem to be the only one who knew how to make the most of it. Sadly, it bowed out. I am mostly a Nikon fan and have two V1 bodies and now a Panasonic FZ70. I still have the FZ1v2, and FZ10 and FZ20. I have a P&S ZS1 but need a charger to put it back in circulation. Round out my kit collection I have the Olympus XZ-1 with VF2 viewfinder and the Fuji X10. The P900 looks like the swiss army knife of them all. Hope to see more posted. Thanks.
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