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featherhead May 29, 2009 3:40 PM

Filter kit for the P90
I read GTToths post on the filter issue and went down to my shop to figure. Came up with a 41mm ID on the P90 lens housing. But no threads. I just ordered a 40.5mm to 43mm step ring and am considering fixing it to the camera lens housing. That would allow the use of 43mm fliters. It should also protect the fixed lens and eliminate the need for a lens cap. I know the factory lens cap won't fit over the step ring, but may be able to find something that will work. The main issue will be how to fix the step ring to the lens housing. Once the part arrives I'll figure that out. I'm thinking epoxy if its a tight fit and maybe double face tape if its a looser fit. I'm a novice photographer but a crack pot fabricator and like to work out fixes for weird situations.

mahoney May 29, 2009 5:23 PM

Keep us updated on your progress.

My P90 was just delivered today. :)

featherhead May 29, 2009 5:39 PM

Will do. I just finished playing with an L100 for 9 days, deciding to return it to BB for the P90. They had the P90 in stock so I did a exchange. My last camera purchase was decades ago so I wanted to buy as far into the future as possible. The features are truly amazing.

mtclimber May 29, 2009 6:10 PM


Your proposed adaption sounds like it will work quite well. Join us over on the continuing P-90 thread, we certainly welcome your input and perhaps we can help you as well, as you are becoming used to your new Nikon P-90 camera.

We will look forward to more posts on your diy filter adapter.

Sarah Joyce

featherhead May 30, 2009 2:03 PM

Just wondering if anyone could offer some thoughts on using a few well placed drops of epoxy to afix the proposed step down ring onto the P90 lens housing? I'm sure it will stay put once cured. And the lens willl retract to the closed position. Would there be any conceivable reason for ever having to remove it? Would a lens cap even be necessary having a replacable filter to cover the factory lens? How much added benefit would filtering lend to the camera setup?

featherhead May 31, 2009 7:09 AM

I've been surfing the Nikon site to look for warranty terms. Would like to know if Nikon would frown upon gluing a filter to the P90 lens housing.

mtclimber May 31, 2009 6:39 PM


The exoxy solution is very workable as long and you only going to mount a filter, or a filter/sunshade combination. I would have some qualms about mounting a heavier accessory lens on it.

Yes, I would get a new lens cap that would be properly sized to your filter size. Uncovered, that protective lens will pick up dust and debris depending on the environment. But that is only how I personally feel.

Sarah Joyce

jack55 Jun 1, 2009 12:39 AM


Originally Posted by featherhead (Post 973295)
I've been surfing the Nikon site to look for warranty terms. Would like to know if Nikon would frown upon gluing a filter to the P90 lens housing.

No doubt that will void the warranty.

If you do it, show some photo's of the process. I just get a CP that is slightly bigger than the lens, in this case a 49mm CP and just hold it against the lens housing. I've been doing this for some time, with the past Sony H1, H50, Canon s5is and now the Nikon P90 and it works well for me. See my many photo's in the Sony & Nikon area. They had filter solutions for Sony, but I didn't like the fact you had to put on a bulky hood just to run filters... defeats the purpose of the smaller cameras.

featherhead Jun 1, 2009 3:17 PM

Hey Ya'll, I sent a question to Nikon support about the filter possibility.

"I notice my P90 does not have a threaded lens housing and I wanted to install a filter ring. I am able to mount a 40.5 to 43mm step ring but I would have to epoxy the ring to the lens housing. Would this void the factory warranty?"
They answered very promptly.


Thanks for the question. The P90 is not designed for and cannot be used with filters. In general, we don't recommend keeping a filter on the lens all of the time even on lenses which can use them, as they can seriously degrade image quality. If a lens protection filter is needed (when shooting around splashing salt water or blowing sand, for instance) only the highest quality filters should be used. Thanks

-David Thanks for using Nikon products!

SO .... I guess this info can be used to apply the best use for our equipment. At best, the higest quality filter ought to be used. That brings up my next question. What are filters good for?

featherhead Jun 2, 2009 11:36 AM

P90 filter ring mount
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Hey Guys Gals,

I received the step down ring today and did a test fit. Pictures included. The fit is quite sloppy, which is a good thing cause it allows the use of double face tape. I did a mock up fit with masking tape and it looks like 2 wraps around will provide a snug fit to the lens housing. A razor blade can cut the tape to about 3/32" wide. I figure there's no use using glue unless one is sure they want a permanent mount. Let me know what ya think about this and weather or not filters are even useable on these advanced P&S cameras. The Nikon rep may be hinting that they are optimized for use without filters.

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