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Default Another idea.....

I had a terrible time in Santa Monica with the sand and sea spray this weekend. The outer element will be worthless in about a year without protection from all the cleaning. Has anyone considered threading a stand off or step up ring into the threads that hold the outer element in? Or what about heating up a filter so it will tap threads into the front rather then using tape?

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Back in the day I always upsold customers on UV filters as an insurance policy against lens damage. Many times I sold collapsible rubber lens shades for the same reason.

It typically added $10 to the sale and I believed in it then and now.

There are threads on my P90 but I don't know if they match the threads on standard filters, looks like they're there to catch the lens cap. It does look like the front lens element bulges out so that it might contact the filter glass if you found something to fit.
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Good Morning! I sent you a PM about the batteries.

Sarah Joyce
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Default Filters for P90

Be advised when using filters on this camera, it may vignett when using them at widest angle of 26mm.........
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Old Dec 23, 2009, 9:01 AM   #25
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I have my P90 from about a week ago and was looking for some information about hood lens for it, but didn`t find anything abдut that. If someone have some expiriance with it and wants to share it I`ll would be very pleased.
Thank you and sorry for my bad English.
Happy holidays!
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Old Jan 27, 2010, 6:39 AM   #26
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Hy!..I'm also trying to solve this issue..Till now I found the "perfect" match..And wait for comments..It's verry simple..41-43mm tube adapter, with a nice 43mm front-lens cap..

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I eventually gave up trying to defeat Nikons lens design. It's kinda like trying to turn it into a fancy camera that it is not. This camera has its limitations, one being excess noise in low light and full zoom. I figure the only way to solve it is to buy a high end SLR with an array of larger lens that accept filters and covers. Without the threads there will never be a way to securely attach adapter rings. So I just started enjoying the camera for what it is. The Nikon rep recommended against filters for this model saying that they will severely degrade photo quality. So the question to ask if you want to pursue the modification is, " is there a high quality lens filter available that will not inhibit the transmission of ANY light into the apeture"?
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Default Filter Adaptor for P90

Hi All

In case anyone still needs to add filters, etc to their P90's


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Old Apr 12, 2015, 2:31 PM   #29
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Default Looking for a "tulip" hood filter that will work with the Nikon Coolpix P90

Hi all!

I came across this forum while doing a web search on filters for the Nikon P90.

Now after reading most of the posts in this thread it seems that you are referring to the colored glass filters (or sometimes plastic with cheaper made ones) that go over the lens to help adjust the way the color comes out in the resulting photo.

Am I correct about this?

I ask because what I am looking for is a tulip/petal/flower hood filter that will slip onto the lens housing.

I bought my P90 just as they were being phased out for the next model. The only things that I would prefer that are available on newer cameras of this type are HD video and stereo mics (not that you would get much stereo separation when the mics are not even 2 inches apart).

I learned about "tulip" filters last year from my cousin at a family reunion. And, after taking some photos (indoors) where the light seemed to cause issues with the image I tried shading the lens with my hand. Although shading the lens with my hand made taking the picture harder not to mention trying to shade the lens enough without part of my hand being in the photo.

This helped with improving the image. So I was thinking that a Tulip filter would be a good purchase.

Can anyone suggest a tulip/petal/flower hood filter to use with the Coolpix P90?

"Bayonet" style would be a must since, as we all know, the P90 has no threads for attachments.

I am even open to a home made solution (which I have been thinking about since most tulip hood filters seem to be made for larger lenses than that which is on the P90).

I have discovered that the ring from a milk jug (the ring left from the cap when you break the seal) is a rather snug fit with the "teeth" on the inside (snug to the point that trying to slip it into the lens housing causes the lens housing to retract and the camera to turn off). If I flip the ring inside out so that the smooth side is facing the barrel it slips on easily and is even a tad loose.

Granted this only helps with determining the size of a hood filter that would slip over the lens housing as I cannot figure out how to construct a home made tulip hood with the milk jug ring as a foundation.

I rather like the solutions all of you have shared but, once I determined that you were using them for color tint filters, I realized they were not necessarily of any use to me.

So, does anyone have a suggestion as to a tulip-style filter to use with the Coolpix P90?

As I said I am even willing to go with a DIY solution. As long as it serves the purpose that's all that matters.

Thanks in advance!

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Wow, last post before this one was 3 years ago! I've forgotten all about that camera.
I gave mine to a relative. I use primarily NIKON DSLR's now.
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