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Default First digital camera a dud or typical?

I just got a Nikon coolpix 2100 - my first digital camera.

The batteries don't seat well - sticking up about 1/4" and needing to be very forcefully pushed down so the cover will close. I've double, triple, quadriple checked (and then some) and the batteries will only go in one way so that's not the problem (also done according to the manual). It's as if the contact "springs" have a *lot* more tension than they should. I can see the battery cover breaking off pretty easy in time because of this. The memory card is pretty tight too but not nearly as bad.

After powering this thing up for the first (2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th...) time I get a "lens error" message on the LCD screen (the manual says if it persists to contact retailer or Nikon rep, so...).

Not a very good first impression of Nikon! Are these kind of problems common with Nikon or is it possible I managed to get a dud?

Thanks for any help
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It is my understanding that those problems are not common. Nikon makes good stuff, and they have a fairly good reputation for handling repairs. I would get on that right away.

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There is usually some tightness to the batteries, but I would say that your camera is too much. The cards will fit tight because they have many pins that they have to seat. I would take your camera back to retailrer or contact NIkon. I am afraid that you have purchased a lemon.
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I returned the camera today. They replaced it. Same deal with the battery in this one too though which the guy said was "normal" - but I'm not so sure I buy it (guy in a hurry, lots of customers, wasn't going to make any more money off of me, wanted me out of his hair, etc.).

Now that I have one that works - I'm not so sure I'm going to be happy with it. I'm used to a fairly decent zoom (on my SLR) and this isn't even close. Also not too happy with the focus mechanism on this thing. It's okay for still shots but take a picture of a moving object and forget it. By the time the camera's focused (which too often it has a hard time doing), the shot is lost. All it takes is a fraction of a second to miss a pose. Also seems to need flash for every situation I've given it so far - even outside - which pretty much destroys (washes out) the picture. I'm having a really hard time coming up with anything nice to say about this camera so far!
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