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Default I am looking for a good 5MP - Nikon 5400 or Canon G5?

Hi All,

I am looking for a good 5MP camera. Please give me some pros and cons between these two cameras. Which one is better?

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I'll take a stab since no one answered. I own a Canon S230 and Nikon 5400, and handled a Canon G5 in a store:, not the best credentials but I've been a casual amateur photographer for over 35 years.

IMHO, Canon digital cameras are generally better than Nikons. My S230, with only 3.1 mp, takes sharper pictures and exhibit better color than my Nikon 5400. Sample pictures of the G5 look better than the 5400 to my eye.

Based on that, the G5 seems the better choice.

BUT....the Nikon 5400 has a 28mm equivalent wide-angle built in. Experienced photographers appreciate the advantages of a wide-angle for dramatic "near-far" and sweeping compositions available at the 28mm wide-angle setting. My favorite film camera lens is the 24mm; I'm always being complemented on my photos, though I'm not that good, because the 24mm allows me to compose very dramatic pictures which are striking and unusual because the general public is obsessed with telephoto capability.

The G5 has an accessory wide-angle lens, but it's almost half the size the camera, and a pain to attach and detach frequently, as well as having to schlep the thing around, and having to cap the end optics when not in use - it's a hassle.

If the G5 had a 28mm or 24mm equivalent wide angle, I'd have bought it without hesitation.

If you want the highest quality pictures at normal or short telephoto angles get the G5.

If you want/need the 28mm wide angle, Nikon is your choice. And the Nikon is not that bad: smaller, lighter, softer colors, less noise and minimal color fringing. Some owners claim to have fixed the sharpness issues with software manipulation.
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