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Guess what? Fixed length lenses are MUCH better quality. You know what else? They usually cost more!!! lol For a good one like a Nikon f2.8 180ED lens 500+ in AIS form. Zooms are chit compared to the quality you get from fixed length lenses. Zooms are for compromise, and or convenience. As for the price - and the quality + between the two bodies.... think about how much new computers cost 5 years ago and what you got- and how much they are now and what you get. I've been waiting for Nikon to come out with a great digital camera equal in digital image quality AND price to a 35mm top notch Nikon- in the mean time - I'm using an adequate Minolta S414. Hopefully by the time they come out with a D35 :lol: it will be the same price drop from a D100 to a D70
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Default Re: Just got off the phone with Nikon

Don't feel pregy the same thing happend to me with the Olympus 730 > 750 all be it dollars less, but 60 days from the 730 to the 750 give me a break!! At least you had years. Big thums down to Olympus, I think that the E1 gives me the last laugh.

Originally Posted by PetreTG
Just got off the phone with Nikon ....

Was told I should wait til it comes out .... (Played dumb like I didn't own a D100 yet)

I was told the D70 will definately have more features ... advances in Firmware , Advanced writing capability .... advances and more advances .

He said the D100 was a 2 year old design and I said .... AND?!? Why screw your D100 owners ? Will there be an upgrade path ? Price drop , what makes one better or IS the D100 in any way better .... NO NO NO NO ..... :evil:

I just don't get this method.

If I keep it My D100 is now worth 2/3rds what I just paid.

I asked if there was anything that made the D100 better AT ALL .... He leaves and then comes back telling me it has a vertical shutter release , voice memo and the ability to add 2 batteries ..... :?

I said .... isn't all those things an optional accessory ?

He says .... oh yeah , Yes you need to add the MB100 (or some such ) accesory ...... AND SPEND EVEN MORE MONEY !!! :evil:

Maybe I'm over reacting , but I'm angry .

When I bought the D100 I knew they were coming out with the D70 .... but never in my wioldest dreams did I think it woul;d be a superior camera for $500 less .

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This happens all the time with technology products (digital cameras, computers, etc.) I always tell friends about tech devices, if you need something NOW just get it, enjoy it and have no regrets. Otherwise wait and it will be cheaper and better in a few months.

If you are a newbie to buying tech stuff, then welcome to reality. If not, then just be a man and just get over it!
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Default just got off the phone with nikon

Welcome to the world of computer buying...who hasn't bought a computer in the last 10 years knowing that 6 months later better performance would be available for less.....I bought my D100 4 months ago....it still does what I bought it for....not mad at Nikon for the D70...it's technology in action......(by the way, our digital cameras are computers)......
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