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pubwvj Nov 18, 2005 8:28 PM

What is wrong with Nikon? My wife and I have had many of their cameras over the last 25 years including three digital cameras from Nikon. Loved them. But their latest offerings seem to be purposefully crippled by not having manual control. Same goes for the Canon models.I'm looking for a small, quality pocket camera I can carry with me withen I'm working in the woods and fields. I want to be able to catch those photos that come up but I otherwise would miss since I can't always be carrying a bigger better camera. The CoolPix L1 looks pretty good except no manual control state (shutter, aperature, etc...), same for the S4. Camera makers need to learn that we don't always want to be carrying a big camera around. They won't lose the sales of the bigger cameras by putting manual controls in the smaller cameras. Pros will still buy the bigger cameras for the better lenses and bigger imaging chips.Canon, Nikon, others, I'm talkin' to you!Grrr..-Walterin Vermont

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