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don26812 Sep 8, 2006 11:46 PM

I have owned a Nikon 5700 camera for three and a half years and love it, except....

During that time, it has been serviced by Nikon three times. Twice it suffered from the SB flash error probem, and just two weeks ago Nikon it again for the common video display horizontal lines problem. Actually the display looked like a TV needing the horizontal hold adjusted. Each time Nikon has fixed it without charge.

Now, just two weeks after receiving my camera back and taking about 20 pictures, the zoom rocker switch does not function properly. It zooms to the full zoom setting, but will not zoom out at all. If I turn the camera off, the lens retracts properly.

My question is has anyone else experienced this problem? Is it yet another common problem of the 5700? I wonder if Nikon will fix this for free also.



granthagen Sep 11, 2006 1:15 AM

Maybe I was lucky that I got my 5700 factory refurbished. No problems yet. They might have caught a few things going over it for certification the second time around.

The zoom rocker trouble may not have ever happened if the camera hadn't been opened and messed with three times. The complexity of the innards of modern cameras is such that I'm not surprized that some ham-handed technician could fix one thing (if you're lucky) and screw-up something else in the process.

You certainly have the option of sending it back to Nikon -- yet again -- with a note saying that this problem did not exist prior to your sending it in the last time. Of course, this is not exactly proof that they caused the problem, but it's good that it happened so fast after you got it back. That lends credibility to your claim.

If you want to try to keep the camera as long as possible, contact Nikon about this problem and try to find out whether they will give you another freeby. If they balk and start talking about charging you, it might be better to live with the problem and start a "new camera" fund with the repair money. Who knows? Maybe that's the idea of messing up the camera in the first place: They want you to go out and get a D50, or something! ;)

Good luck!


don26812 Sep 11, 2006 10:07 AM

THanks for your comments, Grant. Since I live close to the service center, I will be taking the camera back this week.

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