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NikonDoug81 Jan 7, 2007 4:55 AM

I have been using the 4300 for several years, and I love it.
But recently I noticedsomething aparent in ALL my images- even ones from years ago.
The lower right corner (not left- sorry, made mistake in the headline), and the rightmost side of the image is less sharp then the rest of the frame.

It almost looks like motion blur.

Here are some samples for you to review.

You might have to scroll down to see the bottom. Sorry, I wanted to include very high quality versions of the images. Please tell me what you think.
Is this a lens defect, or am I just imagining things? Does this happen with anyone else's 4300?
And can it be fixed? (HA, just thought I'd ask)
I'm going to buy some add on lenses in the future because they're pretty inexpensive now.

I'm just wondering if I should pick up another 4300 in the hopes it will have more consistent sharpness throughout the whole frame. (And give this one to my MOM :D)

Thanks guys.



slipe Jan 7, 2007 1:32 PM

The lower right corner seems a little soft.

Go through your photos and see if you can find one that the corner softness really affects the outcome of the photo – alters the intent of your taking the photo. I had a Pentax S4 for a while that had all four corners that soft and never had it really affect the outcome of a photo. If you go geeky at 100% and can't stand having less than perfection - sort of like not being able to stand knowing there is a hole in your underwear - then replace the camera.

If you regularly copy documents or artwork the corner softness might be an issue. Otherwise I would ignore it.

Roaddog Jan 7, 2007 7:43 PM

This "softness" in the lower left corner may be caused by these scenarios:

a) The focusing mechanism may be misaligned due to any kind of jarring of the lense while extended to its maximum focal point (i.e. dropping camera like an amateur).

b) moisture

c) dust

d) corrupted memory card

e) you need an eye exam

I would first advise to carefully, key word carefully use a can of compressed air or a shop air compressor with a distance no closer than 6 inches to the lense try to blow off any debris/dust/moisture. If this does not work, you might want to try "Monster Screen Clean" at RadioShack which is a special formula devised for use on Plasma and LCD HDTV's, but works great on camera lenses too. Use sparringly! If this doesn't work, the problem is probably internal, and only a Nikon Specialist in Hong Kong could take apart your camera and fix it. I hope this helps and offers a little more incite into the problem than slipe could offer. I hope if there is something wrong or just out the ordinary with your car, you don't just "ignore" it. Ignoring things don't solve problems. I know, I have been a professional photographer for over 26 years now and still have my original Nikon 5005 that I used when I traveled to China to take pictures of the underground chinese samari army that has been now unearthed 5000 years later. My images were actually published in National Geographic back in the early 90's.


P.S. your post also reminds me of the originally deformed Hubble Space telescope lense travesty, atleast your camera lense will be a lot cheaper to fix.

NikonDoug81 Jan 8, 2007 2:39 AM

Well Slipe, it is a problem, otherwise I wouldn't be posting about it.

I have plenty of pictures in which it isn't an issue, but I also have plenty of pictures in which it is a big issue.

The nature of a lot of my photos involves catching minute details of textures and shadows. I do my part to focus the camera, yet it doesn't do it's part to provide a clear image. Clearly this is unacceptable for these kinds of photos.

I'm not about to jump off a bridge over it. But as a photographer I'm always trying to learn and notice new things- as well as improve technique- something vital to makean artistic vision known. I don't feel like getting into a debate over what the best equipment is or what is technically perfect- I just wanted to know if this is a flaw common to any other 4300s.

I hope other 4300 owners share thier experiences and observations on this thread.

slipe Jan 8, 2007 2:56 AM


I also have plenty of pictures in which it is a big issue.
I'm curious – post one for us.

Edit: I had better clarify that as the response might sound like I doubt what you say. I have no doubt it is a consistent problem for you. I'm just curious to see the kind of photos you take that it affects.

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