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Default Nikon 5700

I have an Olympus 2500L but need more than the 3x telephoto. My daughter plays fast pitch softball and having a 6/7/8x telephoto would be a "good thing". Concerns with the 5700 would include the ability to capture action with adequate lighting. Apparently the 5700 does not do well in low light, however, I typically don't shoot low light. However, if I want to capture a pitcher chucking a 60MPH fastball from 40 feet, I need the ability to capture more than a blur. Lastly (gawd... this is too long...) it appears.... appears that 5700's are dropping in price. Apparently Fuji is coming out with a 7000 (?) that will be very competitive in functionality but at a lower price. Good rumor but can't believe a word until it actually is available and tested. Regardless, I can acquire a 5700 for $650-670 new (post rebate), and possibly as low as $600. Suggestions ? Go for it or wait or ????????

Thanks !
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Do share where you can get it at that price.
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We have a Nikon 5700. We have two Nikon film SLR cameras and bought the 5700 for a good price as our "introduction" to digital photography. I am disappointed in the lag time between depressing the shutter button and the actual shutter release with the 5700. I recently photographed a martial arts tournament and was having trouble capturing the action. I almost had to retrain myself how to take an action photo with this new camera, because it did not work the same way I have been used to my whole life with my film cameras! If I fired the shutter as the time that seemed natural, I always missed the shot due to the lag time I previously mentioned. I kind of had to anticipate when someone was going to throw a kick and then press the button, instead of pressing the button when the kick initiated. I would not recommend the Nikon 5700 camera for shooting sports.
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Unfortunately this is a common problem with most all the digital P&S type cameras. Even with the so called prosumer models. And it is not all shutter lag, the lenses are very slow to come to focus when compared to SLR lenses with Ultrasonic motors.

Not sure if this would help but the Minolta 7hi and the nikon 5400 both have a 64meg frame buffer so they can rapidly(for a digital P&S) take a series of images, I think about 1 a second. Still bad compared to a film camera, my eos's can eat a 36 exposure roll of film in under 6 seconds.

If you want high speed operation for fast unpridictable action you should be looking at midrange dSLR's like the Nikon d100 or Canon 10d. Or if you have too much $$ lying around the Canon 1ds.

:roll: Maybe now that the p&s have decent enough resolution the manfacturers will look at improving their operating performance in the next generations.
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How about when you use some of the sequence features like continous low, continous high, multi-shot or ultra hs? Do you still have the same lag problems?
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