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My photos with the 8700 are reading very high in yellow & cyan. Has anyone else had this problem?

It also appears more light is required to get a good shot in automatic. Can this be a shutter speed problem?

Which compact flash card would be the best to use?

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I have the 8700 and found the automatic programs to be a pain in the neck unless you take the card to walmart or somplace to get printed.
The best way to get perfect photographs every shot with perfect color is:
S= shutter priority
Center weighted Metering
auto white balance
ASA set to 200 at all times
I use FINE jpg and set My shutter at 125 in normal light and can go to 500, 1000, or down to 60 if needed.I try to stay around F-8 for most of My shots. I always keep my SB-28dx flash mounted and all I need to do is pop open the internal flash to use it. with the internal flash closed it will be as if NO FLASH is turned on.
I keep My ASA set to 200 at all times and have never had a problem with any noise at all.
In the flash menue, set the pop up to manual and internal flash to off if you have an external flash. If You do not have the external flash You should get one. The internal flash is notheing but a "RED EYE" machine.
If You use a lens hood, be sure it does not block the senser that extinghish's the Flash. I just use a Nikon UR-E8 adaptor to protect the lens from being bumped.I screw on a Bernie's Lens hood if I am outside and don't need to use the flash at all.
This is A great Camera once You get the procedure down. It takes photographs that are as good "if not better" then the Hasselblad equipment I used to have to lug around.
If You have any Questions, just E-Mail Me and I will try to help You out.
PS: Turn your Yellow letters to black because the Yellow is difficult to read on this forum.
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hmmm. I'm seeing a black background, so if he turns his letters to black, he'll be invisible :O
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Most of my pictures on the 8700 also come out with too much contrast or kind of dark. I tried decreasing the contrast setting to LOW, butin fact it makes the picture even darker. The only think that helps making the picture come lighter is increasing the Exposure (+/-) to + 0.3 or + 0.7, but it whases the colors out a little. Specialy the Sky.

Another solution I took was in creasing the Gamma correction, the brightness, or doing the Shadow Highlights from within Photoshop CS.

I think this is a bug in the8700 and Nikon should come out with a Firmware upgrade to fix that.

I contacted Nikon tech support and they told me to increase the Exposure level. I didn't like that answer.

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