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This updater software updates Nikon Capture 4.0 or 4.1.x to version 4.1.3. Nikon Capture 4 version 4.0 or 4.1.x must be installed before proceeding with this upgrade. If Nikon Capture version 4.1.3 is to be used in combination with Nikon View, please be sure that you are using Nikon View version 6.2.0 or later.
Memory requirements under Mac OS X have increased to a minimum of 256MB of RAM (768MB or more recommended) and recommended memory allocation for Nikon Capture 4 Camera Control has been increased to 64MB or more and to 512MB or more for Nikon Capture Editor under Mac OS 9.
Also note that memory requirements for Windows have increased to a minimum of 256MB of RAM (768MB or more recommended).
- You must have Administrator authority when performing this upgrade under Mac OS X, Windows 2000 or Windows XP.
- Exit Nikon Capture or any other application that may be running, and turn off all virus-checking software before proceeding with this upgrade.
- Your computer must be restarted after performing this upgrade.

What is new/Content Description
There are numerous feature additions and improvements to this new version of Nikon Capture.
Added to 4.1.3: Support for RAW images captured with the COOLPIX 8400 and COOLPIX 8800 has been added.
  • The Nikon NEF Plug-in can now be installed under Mac OS 9, this allows Mac OS 9 users to open Raw images from Nikon digital cameras in Adobe Photoshop 6 or later as 16-bit data. [/*]
  • When performing batch processing with the 'Use Save Progress Window' option selected, if 'NEF (Nikon Electronic Image Format)' was selected for 'Save as type' and 'Lossless' selected for compression type in the Batch dialog, images were sometimes saved with no compression applied. This problem has been corrected. [/*]
  • A problem that caused Photoshop to sometimes launch unexpectedly, when images edited in Nikon Capture Editor were saved (File>Save), has been fixed. [/*]
  • A problem with the positioning of the Tool Palettes being automatically reset to default positions, when Nikon Capture Editor is launched has been fixed. [/*]
  • The speed of image scrolling using the Hand cursor in image windows or the image area has been increased. [/*]
  • When Keywords or Captions was edited, this sometimes prevented the image from being opened in third party image-management applications. This problem has been corrected. Nikon Capture Camera Control [/*]
  • Computers running Mac OS X version 10.1.5 with PictureProject installed sometimes failed to automatically display captured images in PictureProject despite PictureProject being selected in the 'When a new image is received from the camera' option in the Download Options dialog.
Compatible OS platform [/*]
  1. Mac OS 9.0.4 or later (with CarbonLib 1.5 or later) [/*]
  2. Mac OS X (version 10.1.3 or later)
    (D1-series camera control not supported with Mac OS X version 10.1.4 or earlier, camera control only supported with D100 with Firmware 2.0 or higher.)
  3. Pre-Installed versions of: [/*]
    1. Windows XP Home Edition [/*]
    2. Windows XP Professional [/*]
    3. Windows 2000 Professional [/*]
    4. Windows ME Windows 98 SE [/*]
What's included in the download
Nikon Capture 4.1.3 Update for Macintosh or Nikon Capture 4.1.3 Update for Windows
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Mr. dcrawley : I see your explanation about Nikon Capture 4.1.3 and is very interesting, I have the the Nikon CP 8700 camera, has the RAW format, but I have not experience with the RAW. can you tell me the benefic to take picture with RAW format ??, and how to work with thath ??? From Panama Carlos :O
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I haven't used the raw functionality on my D70 yet and I'm confused about Nikon Capture 4.1.3. Do I have to buy it if I already have Photoshop CS? Can I load curves without this software?

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The RAW file format allows for post image capture changes (correct white balance, exposure compensation, adjust details in highlights or shadows) without affecting the original image.

Photoshop CS does allow for these same functions, but you have to have Capture to load custom tone curves into the camera using the USB cable.
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