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Brianna Feb 17, 2006 9:24 AM

This is one of the cameras we are considering. I was wondering what you think of this camera? Pros, cons...

The reason we are considering this camera is b/c it's compact, a point-and-shoot, has a 2.5" LCD, and it's takes SD memory cards.

The only thing that I do not like about this camera is that you can only take 16 continous shots or only up to 3. The camera that I am replacing ( Minolta Dimage Z1 )allows me to take as many as I want until I let go of the shutter release button.



CaliBoy Feb 21, 2006 7:50 PM

I personally like this camera. The build quality is good for a P&S digital. The price is good for a Nikon, that's not saying much, I believe the over charge on everything and I work at camera store and get dealer costs, still to much.

Back to the camera. Nikon's menu system seems to me to be a little easy to understand and get used to quickly. Other than that it's just like most other P&S digitals with scene modes and ect...

If your looking to get continuous shoots I'd start looking at a DSLR. The D50's price is a low as I think they're going to get. Probably going to come out with the D50s (this is my own assumption but we'll see at the 2006 PMA this weekend.

The Scubbler Feb 22, 2006 7:52 PM

If it only has an LCD viewfinder, try it outside, as the one on my 8800 is very hard to see in direct sunlight. I guess this is the current , popular format, but increasing the size of the screen doesn't help if it's too hard to see in daylight ! Just a thought.


Dustysa4 Mar 4, 2006 3:40 PM

I own it and am pleased thus far. This is my fourth Nikon. I guess I just stick with what I have had good luck with. Some good points have been raised. The lack of a viewfinder is a bigger sacrifice than most people think it will be(well, depending on the build quality of the viewfinder). However, the HUGE, BRIGHT lcd makes up for that a little. The 5x zoom is nice, and the pictures turn out nice with little effort, which is the biggest thing for me.

Other cameras that I considered were the Sony W7, and Canon SD550. At the time the Nikon was slightly cheaper than these other two. I think 99.999999% of the people on this forum would pick one of the other two over the Nikon because they both offer more manual settings to tinker with, but like I said, I like to expend little effort and get decent pictures. Throw in my great history with Nikon and I'm sold.

New cameras I'd consider if I were doing it all over again are the new Sony W100 and below. And the new Canon SD700 and below. The new image stabilizaion on the Canon is a real eye catcher for me, but the pricetag on some of these new models is just as eye catching. Then you have to think, if your going to be tinkering with the options all the time, maybe it's time to buy a digital SLR.

Hope some part of this helps your decision...

trendo Sep 8, 2006 10:26 AM

hi, Dustysa4,

i know this post is late but did you have any problems when you inserted a memory card in your nikon l1?

Because when I put it there's an error--"This card cannot be used"

The card's brand is "Silicon Power"

I formatted it and still the same error.

The only thing that i can do is to try other compatible cards into the camera....

Can you kindly tell me what memory card do you have please?


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