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Default Nikon CoolPix S10 Video Recording Questions

Overall I have been quite happy with my Nikon Coolpix S10, but now I have some concerns. Hopefully these issues are all easily resolved.

1) While recording in video, there are three small spots/pixels that remain white. This is especially frustrating since most of my recording takes place at indoor concerts where it is quite dark. When the lights are on, it is more difficult to see the 3 spots, but when it is dark, they stick out like a sore thumb. What is wrong and I wonder if Nikon might repair this. Unfortunately I bought this camera off of Ebay and likely no longer have a receipt.

2) Video recording mode has a few options. Going from best to worst is: TV movie 640*, small size 320*, small size 320, pictmotion 320, smaller size 160, time lapse movie*. I bought a larger memory card, 16GB SDHC, so I can record concerts in higher quality. However that did not seem to work well at all. I will now highlight what did not work.

A) With a 16GB memory card, according to my camera I filled it up after 1 hour and 2 minutes recording in TV 640 mode, however, when I copy this file to my computer, the Quicktime file shows a size of only 3.74GB. Why was I unable to use all 16GB?

B) I was about 7 people away from mainstage and I did not notice any difference between TV mode and the small size 320 mode (which I needed to use for the encore songs on a 2GB SD card). Did I do something wrong, or is this expected for concert recording. Everything on stage is all pixely in both modes. Perhaps if I were right in front I can notice a difference between modes?

3) I should also check if there are any settings I should change with this camera when recording concerts.

4) Is there an affordable camera which might be better suited for concert recording, or will this be a good camera for it, once I gather up more experience?

Thank you,
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After watching more video, I noticed that those three white dots almost always remain in the same place, but sometimes the larger one moves and the other two disappear for a short while.
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You might have better luck getting useful responses by posting this in the Nikon Forum, which is setup for discussion about Nikon non-dSLR camera models like your Coolpix S10.

So, I'll move this thread there for you now.
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