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Default Nikon D100

Attended a showing last night where three presenters used slide and digital media to display travel photos from Africa, Ireland and Mexico. The Africa and Ireland were digital and shown using a video projector. Mexico was slides using a traditional slide projector.

The Africa images had been shot with a Sony digital and the results were nothing short of STUNNING. The detail was unbelievable, as was the contrast, color spectrum, etc. Although a poor example of a comparison it was like seeing digital HDTV for the first time! Mine, taken with the D100, were next and I was frankly embarassed. Both sets were being projected about 5 X 5 feet and mine seemed out of focus, (even after much fooling around trying to focus the projector) and MUCH LESS detail. Images by each camera were shot in a variety of lighting conditions. The comparison was like night and day. It's ahrd to describe the difference, but believe me for one who is familiar with photography, it was VERY depressing. The Sony images of animals literally looked like they were going to leap off the screen. The detail was what really impressed me. TACK SHARP !!!!!!!! However, both sets of digital were better than the tradition slides which seemed dark by comparison.

My question is: what am I doing wrong or are Nikon images really that "soft". I believe projection is the presentation mode of the future and comparing my Nikon images to the Sony ( don't even know which model because I was too embarassed to ask) I'm thinking I may have bought the wrong camera system ! (have always used Nikon film cameras).

So . . . . I shoot with the Sharpness set to Auto, ASA 100 many times in the Program Mode. I post process in Nikon Editor, Capture or PS. I've owned the D100 for about 1 year and use a variey of Nikkor AF lenses.

I'm really bummed !!!!!!!
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Default The real question is ...

What lenses are you using ?

Makes a big difference using quality lenses. Some of the Nikon lenses (The cheap ones) are not very good.
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