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fishycomics Dec 2, 2011 4:09 PM

Nikon One
Known as the Nikkon One J1

Went in to Target, they had all the colors on display and working, so I had to play around with it on, got a working one and tried my best to figure out the cam as I went olong..

And the very first thing I said was, where is the zoom button.
Second thing I said where is the real feal, metal, this is way to light.

I'm thinking, my sony, is no Bolgnia, glad of my choiceI made early on.

Way to go Nikon you made the first real plastic cam out there that feels like a TOY. Go green!

Looking at the cam, body:

old fashion twist for focal, bigg record button. and a few other things I cared not to further get into. for $600.00 less a penny. That's one cent.

That told me to Walk away, Pass on it.

My Sony fits in my pocket , got a ton of weight and all electronics.

I wished they had the thinner lens on. So I can see the dffrence.

No they did not, showin 6 models of al lidentical.

Guess in due time this cam will drop to $150.00, and then be worth thinking about To me that is what this camera is worth, in my eyes, at the moment.

I love to keep Positive and optimistic about it. I just did not have the time, and was abrubted , emergency. I will feel diferent when the camera is at my hands again.

thank you:)

Edited seeing the comments posted and removed of a Adm, I did jump in to correct. thank you Being perfect isboring ha ha

kazuya Dec 8, 2011 9:08 AM

i had to demo a nikon one for work and i thought it was ok, it took pretty good pictures and i found the handling was alright.
im not a big fan of these types of camera where they get billed as a compact with the features of a slr, because as soon as you add the lense its 3x the thickness.
all in all though i thought it was good camera, just a shame its so expensive, even the adaptor ring that allows you to use slr lenses costs about 150

fishycomics Dec 11, 2011 6:11 AM

Thank you Dave.

I enjoyed the camera in hand, after I had a chance to sit back, but not worth that investment today.

I am sure there are a lot of features, I have saved some video of demoing the controls and the looks of the camera.

Since people are quick to judge, I at the moment will not display.

I thank the Adminstrator for clearing and removing his and other comments.

Nikon i gues swanted to bring the old era back, and they did a good job thank you

fishycomics Dec 30, 2011 8:31 AM

While on vacation, I noticed a few Nikons J1's, rememberhow the Funny flash popped up. neck strap was awesome. most had white, realy stuck out. I did not want to ask, but I am sure the people loved them.

For I will love to get a cam, and maybe a simplier Nikon, oneday vs something like said very light weight, just not pocketable in my eyes.

vIZnquest Jan 10, 2016 2:28 PM

It doesn't take much to know this was not a a pocketable option. What it created was yet another format. Seems to continue to hold its own but barely. I have two V1 bodies with the FT-1 adapter. I am pleased with what it does and it does it well. The video and its quality has been a pleasant surprise for my needs. Flash options is limited and so on but overall this is a decent cam.

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