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Retro Aug 14, 2002 11:09 PM

Nikon Tech assistance for the 5700
I have found whoever responds to technical questions via Nikon's web-based tech support to know very little about the camera.

I've had the camera about a week or so, and very quickly noticed that the autofocus mechanism ruined the sound on the 1-minute movies by constantly adjusting. I sought an answer from Nikon as to why this would be, but quickly discovered I could simply set the auto-focus to single, rather than continuous while in movie mode. The manual doesn't suggest this at all. But the email response I got from Nikon was one sentence : "The autofocus mechanism can make a lot of noise, and you can even feel
it vibrate. " How's that for know-how? Doesn't inspire alot of confidence. I think I'll try and figure things out on my own from now on.

I am also finding the autofocus to be extremely poor in low-light situations. The camera seems to punish you when you want to cancel the flash to capture the natural light.

geyer Aug 15, 2002 1:15 PM

Try calling their landline tech support #...I don't have it handy but it is on their website. They have been extremely helpful to me!

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