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crummett Dec 20, 2011 1:47 AM

P5100 video-out stretched on HDTV
I'm using a Nikon P5100 in my studio. I had it hooked up to a regular 12" CRT portable TV via the composite video adapter cable to facilitate composition, while sending images to a Macbook via an Eye-Fi card. I've been using this method with great success because it's dead easy, and I can't find a way to preview the P5100 on the computer.

I upgraded to a 23" Sceptre LCD HDTV, but when I go through the composite inputs, the image fills the screen, stretched out to wide-screen 16:9 proportions rather than the correct 4:3. I can still check the image in the correct format after shooting, but it would be nice to see things correctly proportioned beforehand. The TV has composite, component, HDMI, DVI and SVGA inputs. There doesn't seem to be any controls, physical or on-screen, to change the proportions.

So, two questions- can I get a picture through the HDTV at the correct proportions, and/or is there a relatively inexpensive solution for previewing the image on the Macbook?

SIMON40 Dec 20, 2011 5:14 AM

With regards the TV- you should have a "TV aspect" or "Screen format" button on the remote to scroll through a variety of formats like 4/3,16/9..etc
It may also be under "picture settings" in the menu... :)

crummett Dec 20, 2011 7:14 PM

I have a feeling there may be such a setting on the original remote, which I don't have. And in the menus, the only place to change that setting is with the cable as input. It's not available for any other input.

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