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Default problem with nikon s230

Hello, I bought a nikon s230 for my wife, and we've been having some problems with it, and, after sending it to nikon warranty repair twice, the problem persists.

On scenes with daylight and plants, a yellow tint/lines will appear on videos, and on the LCD as we prepare to take a picture, but never on the picture themselves. Unfortunately, there is no raw mode on this camera to check if the yellow tint is disappearing on pictures because they don't appear on the sensor or because of in camera post processing. In any case, here are 2 examples of what the problem looks like:


notice on the left side of the screen the yellowish tint. It becomes quite obvious when you watch it in full screen. And here is a capture of another video, so that those who dont have access to youtube can see what I talking about.

The tint showing up on the LCD as we prepare to take pictures, while bothersome, doesn't impact any functionality as the pictures themselves come out clean. But as you can see, daylight videos outdoors are unusable.

The first time we sent the camera to nikon, it took them a full month to send it back. They had replaced the lens, adjusted white balance and focus. Second time around, I contacted them, and they sent me a shipping label. I had included the screen cap in my original communications with them, and was more explicit in my comments as to what the problem was. Unfortunately, after 10 days there, they did basically the same as the first time, which was adjusting white balance and adjusting focus.

This time around, they also adjusted the lcd, when I had clearly stated that the problem did not show up on the review of pictures, meaning that it couldnt be an lcd problem.

I suspect it is a problem with the IR blocking filter, given how the issue is prevalent on scenes with plants, and that the reason for it not showing up on pictures was that somehow the internal processing corrects the colors.

In any case, has anyone here ever seen/experienced something similar?

I am at my wits end on how to make nikon see the problem. When I email the repair and service people with the samples above, they seem to see the issue, but unfortunately the people in the shot don't get to see that pic or video as I have to send it without the memory card.
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