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Default Product photography with Nikon 5000 distortion on outer edge

I use my camera for taking product pictures of chess pieces, For each design I normally take a picture one of each piece King, Queen, Bishop, Kt, Rook, all in a row about 1/4 inch apart, with one pawn in front of each. I will usually frame them about 1inch in from either side. Normally what happens is the King will look like it is leaning to the left and the rook will look like it is leaning to the right. I know the pieces stand straight, I usually have to straighted out the pieces in Photoshop. I didn't use to have this problem with my nikon 950 or 990. I assume the lense is the problem, any recommendations?
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Sound like it's some barrel distortion. Don't know what setting you shoot with, but if you zoom out to a little above 50%, which is important to avoid the "end" of the lens, where the distortion is high on the cp5000 - and then set the macro!

I did never noticed distortion in my pics - unless I was at 28mm - when I owned the 5000.
Maybe you should have kept you 990 and instead bought a 4500, which has a marvelous macro. But that might be to late now...I know!
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I guess you shoot close at wide angle , you should shoot at some distance and use tele , may be it will help, if not cure the problem completely?
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