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Default Questions about my new refurb P900

Ok.. just bought a P900 to take with me to TN, hoping to shoot the eclipse. I'm not versed in DSLR lingo.. or, I was at one time, but it's lost in the great dusty filing system I call my brain.

I did get a reasonable photo of the crescent moon last night; moon mode makes it easy, provided I can hold the camera steady. Tonight, if it's clear, I'll try the tripod (my body is NOT a good tripod!)

This morning was foggy and dim... so some of the photos I took as experiments came out... foggy and dim. Lens was fogged over for awhile, too, due to humidity.

What I'm experiencing is an autofocus (in AUTO mode.. and in moon mode) that will focus for an instant, then snap OUT of focus. At first, I thought it was my movements doing this... but even after learning to be still, it happens. Often, the view screen will go completely dark.. it seems to take switching something in the settings and going back to auto mode... or even turning the camera off and back on. Is there something I am doing wrong, or is it likely that this camera was not *completely* refurbished?

Also, there is a lag time as the camera zooms in or back out. I've read some reviews, and did expect this to be so.

The photos I've got that are GOOD.. I'm extremely happy with them! I am tickled PINK with 'moon mode' and feel that I'll be very happy with this camera - either when I get used to it, or if (if it comes to that) I trade out the refurb I have for another refurb that works better. Of course, this MAY be as well as it works. It sounds as though the mechanisms inside are moving much more slowly sometimes compared to others..

Any comments or words of wisdom on the vast number of black or simply unfocused-into-abstractness that I'm getting from this new camera?
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I think you are expecting far too much from what is in fact a very basic camera.

Of course the camera is going to "hunt" and lose focus when faced with difficult subjects.

The camera doesn't know if you want to focus on the "blob" (spider, it doesn't know what it is) in front of the tree or the big thing at the back (the tree)

At night you can't expect it to focus at all really, especially at almost infinity.

You need to tell the camera where to focus, which is why people like me set single point focus when shooting such subjects or shoot manually.
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