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Default ? regarding macro lens for D80

I have been looking for a macro lens for my camera and after alot of research I had decided to go with a Sigma 105mm. So I found a "like new" used one for $300. After talking to the seller he stated that it was the previous generation of that lens - meaning it is not the DG and it has the aperture ring. At this point with my experience (limited) I don;t understand about the ring. Can I just lock it and let the camera control or does it make the aperture become completely manual? And does the DG make a difference? Hope my question makes sense to you guys!
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No sure but if it is a manual aperture, you may want to pass on it, as you stop down the vf gets darker. The DG is design for the needs of the digital camera, and still can be used on film and FF camera, unlike the DC which is for crop bodies only. From when I was looking at the sigma marco 105, the info I got was that it was a high grade glass for the more demanding need of the digital sensor. If that means anything.
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I have the DG macro version of the Sigma 105mm f/2.8 in Nikon mount and it still has the aperture ring. However it can lock the ring at f/32 and the D70s and D300 do hold the iris open for composition then close it automatically for picture taking.

Mount the lens on your D80 and set the aperture ring to F/32 then try some test shots to verify correct operation. Use Aperture priority and set something like f/22 or f/32 then watch the iris through the front of the lens, it should be wide open then close to minimum when the shutter is pressed then re-open to maximum. Set a more normal aperture and use the histogram to check for correct exposure. Ensure that the camera recognizes the lens by checking for the focal length, aperture and lens data associated with the image.

Failure to have the lens set to f/32 or minimum aperture will result in an "FEE" error being posted on the camera.

The DG probaly just means the rear lens element is coated to minimize reflections for the sensor. Film didn't need this.

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