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I would like to control the Nikon D80 remotely. It seems as if this can be done using Nikon software, but I would like to get around using a GUI. Does anyone know of software which would enable me to control simple camera functions (ie shutter release, and image download) via command line? I am using the camera and photogrammetry software to monitor a lab test. So, if I were able to gain control through a command line, I would beable to sync the camera to the other applications running on my desktop.
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Other than the software "Nikon Capture/Camera Control", which I do not know is capable of remotely contralling a D80 the only other option my be to look for something that runs under Linux... Here is a place to start for that:


Again - not sure about D80 compatability...

Looks like this Linux software is compatible w/D200


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Ideally, I am looking for a windows application as the photogrammetry software is windows based. I have had great luck using DSLR Remote Pro from Breeze Systems in combo with the canon rebel XT:


But, I am making the switch to Nikon cameras for other reasons and DSLR remote pro is only good for canon cameras.
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