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Download and install IExif Software, it's free..... http://www.opanda.com/en/iexif/download.htm

Then right click on any photo you have taken withyour camera, click on "View exif", and when the exif screen comes up, scroll down the page until you see "Number of shots/actuations". This line will be close to the bottom of the page.

Hope this helps,

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Perfectly, thanks!
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mtclimber wrote:
Believe me,the experiencehas made me look at refurbs in a whole new light.
That's just bad luck though. It's probably pretty darn rare to see a shutter fail with that many actuations.

Heck, I've got an old Nikon Coolpix 950 that I bought refurbished years ago, and it still works fine. It doesn't even have any bad pixels. Of course, it doesn't have the mechanical wear that you have with a DSLR. But, it's held up quite well.

Sure, you're taking your chances that you won't have any problems within the normal warranty period, since a refurb only has a 90 day warranty. But, a new one could just as easily fail right after a 1 year warranty expires, too.

So, if there was a signficant price difference, I'd go refurb (as I have in the past). If memory serves, I only paid around $450 for the Coolpix 950 (and they were selling for almost twice that amount in the stores brand new at the time).

If the difference isn't very much, then going new makes more sense so that you get the longer warranty. But, if the difference is large, you may be better served with a refurb.

The odds are against one failing as fast as yours did (after only 2700 shutter actuations). It's a gamble. But, I think that more often than not, it probably pays off.

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Maybe I'm just lucky (knock on wood). But, the Coolpix 950 isn't the only reburb I've bought.

I also bought an Olympus C-2500L refurbished years ago, and it worked fine while I had it.

A Toshiba 36" TV in our den was a refurb, and it's worked just fine for years (it's probably over 10 years old now).

A Uniden 5.8ghz Cordless Telephone System we use (base witih multiple handsets) was bought refurbished, and it's still working fine (other than I needed to replace the batteries in 3 handsets not long ago). I bought new generic batteries for about $5 each delivered from an Ebay vendor. I got the system for about half of what it was selling for new.

Two of my lenses were refurbs (my Mnolta 28mm f/2 and Minolta 24-85mm f/3.5-4.5 were both bought that way from CametaAuctions), and they work just fine.

A Dell 8300 computer I use was bought refurbished a couple of years ago, and it still works just fine.

Heck, I've even got one Rifle Scope that I bought in factory refurbished condition (for less than half of what it sells for new).

I've probably bought more stuff that way over the years that I can't think of right this minute (and I've never had any problems with anything I've purchased that way that I can recall).

If I had bought all of that stuff new, I would have paid a lot more money, and the warranties I would have received with new versus refurbished gear would have expired by now anyway.

Sure, you're taking your chances that you won't have a problem going that way. But, the cost savings can be significant over time buying refurbished versus new.

If the difference was small (as in the current prices for a D50), I might lean towards new. But, when there is a significant price difference, I go refurb if I can find what I want that way.

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In this case the difference is only $60 between the refurb and a brand new body with a full year's guarantee. Personally, I would opt to go with the new body rather than the refurb, but that is just me and based on my experience. Your mileage may vary.

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