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maddyks wrote:
Thanks all for your advice.

The D40 is small for my hands. I kind of feel uncomfortable. It is one of the major reasons why I din't go for Canon.

So if the BGLOD is fixed, then the chances of it happening again are less? :?
The "BGLOD" that plagued the D70 was some kind of bug. So I would think that if it had been fixed, it won't happen again. The problem with that is "blinking green light" is a generic error indicator. So you can't guarantee that they fixed the same problem that plagued the D70.

I've only seen one person who posted seeing a blinking green light AFTER the camera had been fixed originally for BGLOD. I thought I saw this in this site, but it's not showing up on the search.

Have you looked into the D50? It's bigger than the D40. Are you buying this from a store? or from a person? If it's from a person, is it someone you know so that if you do run into the BGLOD problem he can help you get it fixed.

Honestly, the trouble of worrying about these stuff is the reason I opted for a new camera. I ended up with a D50 instead of a refurbished D70. But I'm happy with my choice.

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Thanks you all for replying and advising. I bought the D70 set. :-)
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Good luck to you and post some photos when you have a chance.

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