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Hi, I have decided that after 4 years using my Olympus C4000 that I need to upgrade to the next level. After extensive research I am leaning heavily towards the Nikon D200. I hope that this is a good movebut I ameager to listen to advice from more experienced users.......that's why I am here.

My main question revolves around the type of lens. I do not pretend to understand any of the technical blurb that I read, therefore I would appreciate some sound advice in basic idiots terminology

I will use my camera mainly for indoor photographs of peoples homes, often in poor lighting conditions. Therefore a quality wide angle lens is essential. Telephotois not as important, but still needs to be considered for external images. I have visited Nikons website and their 17-35mm f/2.8D ED-IF AF-S Zoom-Nikkor is very interesting but very expensive, I suspect that there are less expensive alternatives out there.

Any advice regarding my choice of camera and/or lens would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks....Paul.
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What's your budget? That normally narrows down your lens and accessory choices.

When you say "indoor photographs of peoples homes" does that include people? or is this mostly for non-moving objects. Normally, when shooting people indoors, you need an external flash.

For just the interior of the house (like in real estate) without people, you normally want a stable tripod and use long exposure to get the house's natural look. Also you want a wider lens, like a 12-24mm or 10-20mm range.

The Nikon 17-55 cost less than the 17-35, but is still pretty pricy for most people.

For longer lens, the 70-300VR has gotten good reviews.
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The D200 is an excellent choice.

The highly regarded Nikon 17 - 35mm f2.8 (effectively a 26 - 53), will likely not be "wide enough" for your interior interests.

With a wide-angle like Nikon's or Tokina's 12 - 24, Sigma's 10 - 20, or Tameron's 11 - 18, you'll likey have the wide-end well covered.


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I'd second the 12/24, firstly the Nikon variety but if that is too expensive then surely the Tokina. It is, at the price, a very good lens, hard to fault. Remember that in "real" terms that is 18/36 and is ideal for indoor use and has a good aperture range meaning that with adequate light a flash might not be necessary.
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Thanks rey & everyone else for your opinions and advice.

You are correct, the main usage would be for real estate photographs. My C4000 does a decent job, but I want better.

Having eliminated some scam sites offering the D200 for below $500.00 I know need to lower my sites. My budget is around $1,000 for camera and lens, so maybe a D50 would work.

It's interesting that all 3 replies recommend a 12-24mm, but what do the numbers mean? I could understand better if wide angle lenses were described by the difference that they made to the standard frame size. For example 1.2 or 1.5 if you get my drift. Also what is the difference between a wide angle zoom and a wide angle?

Sorry to ask what might seem stupid questions, but I am totally new to this subject having only owned point & shoot cameras for ever.

Thanks for taking time to help me.......Paul.
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35mm on a Nikon DX sensor DSLR is considered a normal lens with about a 45 degree field of view. Lenses shorter than this show a wider field of view and are called wide angle. Longer lens are called telephoto lenses.

http://www.tamron.com/lenses/learnin...comparison.php is an excellent site for visualizing what a particular focal length can cover.

Lenses come in two flavours:
- Zoom lenses cover a range of focal lengths such as 18-70mm. They tend to have smaller apertures such as f/2.8 which can mean slower shutter speeds.
- Prime lenses only have one focal length, tend to have larger apertures such as f/1.8 which means faster shutter speeds.

In your case "wide angle" would probably refer to a prime lens.

Have a look at http://www.dpreview.com/ and follow the Learn and Glossary links.
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Thanks Bob,

I'll check out the sites that you suggest and try to educate myself a little.
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