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Rey I am not sure as I cleaned everything inside....where is the sensor? I did not unscrew anything wouldn't that be a part that is protected by something.

I do think I screwed up royally. I bought a full warranty....I wonder does it cover this kinda stuff.

Anyways I will upload to there later. I'm beat right now.
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I think what you are seeing is the limit of the cameras resolution. I zoomed in to the picture of the cork board (which looks fine) and see the same kind of things as the crop you posted. Even though 6MP is alot of data, you can always zoom in and find the limits. Even film reguardless of size, when scanned will produce the same results at the limit. You just can't crop (or zoom) that close and expect perfection. So I don't think you screwed up anything. And the sensor is under the mirror, so if you didn't lock it up you never touched it. And it does not require any disasembly to get at it and it has really no protective device in front of it. It has to "see" what you want to take a picture of.

Look at some other pictures people have taken and try your zoom test... you will see the same stuff. Good luck.
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Hi Everyone I called CC about my warranty and they said to bring it in and let them take a look. They looked at it and found nothing wrong. But said if I wasn't happy I could exchange it or I could do the warranty and send for another from their service center cause they do not have any more anywhere. But I would have to accept a use/reconditioned D50.

I really don't know what was wrong with my pictures since you all and CC did not see anything. Just me I guess...But I was so sure I did something wrong. Even tho you all an CC did not see it, I did and that was enough for me. So I exchange it for the D40!

However....I feel I have less camera now, for more $$$. Pictures are good but a bit too blue for my taste. Any one know how to set this in the menu?

Thanks Everyone you really did try your best to help me.
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