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and ordered it. I just wondered if anyone could recommend a couple of pieces of literature (on photography, I don't need any wiseguys recommending Camus, Twain and Kafka! :blah so I can make the most of my new purchase. There is a bewildering choice of books out there and this seemed to be the best place to ask since stevesdigicambooks.com does not exist...for now.

Many thanks!!!
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I suggest starting the cheap route - at the library. See what books are available there. Here's a key though: photography is photography so don't look for books geared toward 'how to use my d40' - look for books that explaine t he principles of photography: exposure, aperture, shutter speed, ISO/ASA, depth-of-field, composition, exposure compensation etc. The camera's manual will tell you all you need to know regarding how to set all this on your camera. You want a book to help you understand WHY to set it. Once you start the learning curve, I'd also recommend the Understanding series on luminous landscape website.

Enjoy your new camera!
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Start by using the internet. Do a Google search for 'D40 Tutorials'

You will be suprised by how much you can learn from the different web sites.

Nikon also has a tutorial site for their cameras.
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Both good suggestions, Thanks.
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If you want, you could also start reading the documentation here:

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Hi Mark,

You should start by reading the "Manual" that comes with the camera. It is probably the best book to read first. After you are through reading it you should read it again. Have your battery charged and the D40 in your hands as you read the second time.

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