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Old Mar 20, 2005, 10:41 AM   #1
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The last 2 months I've been going over "WHAT TO GET".

I was going for Pentax, I like the size and the quality feel (ist D), but there lens choice at the present time is not up to what I want in a system . I looked at Rebel XT, to me it feels toy like, although I'm sure it's a fine camera. The Canon 20D is also a great piece of equipment, a GREAT sensor and all the rest, but the Nikons FEELS better to me. I know that may not make a lot of sense to some of you but the feel and the way it fits my hands are important to me.

Most of the people I deal with on a business level use the D70 and they love it. They are working at all the business shows I do, shooting stuff for their magazines and they have nothing but good things to say about that camera.

I've been going to camera stores and I like the way the D70 feels, and I also like the quality feel of the D100, but here is the question ......

Even though the D100 is on the way out, it is a very well built camera and I like the extra battery hand grip. With the price coming down on this model, would it not be better to get this heavier built camera and maybe the D200 (or whatever they will call it) down the line.

The image quality on the D100 is more than enough, maybe the D70 is a little better but is it that big a difference?

In other words does the image quality of the consumer D70 outweigh the constuction and ruggedness of the D100.

Who out there has a D70 and a D100 and can give me their opinion ?

Thank you in advance,

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Old Mar 21, 2005, 1:05 AM   #2
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had the same problem..........two differet guys offering me D70 vs. D100 at 700Cnd (used)........

after alot of though, i had decicded to go with the D70 instead of the D100.

here a my PERSONAL reason...they might not be right or good....but hey, you live only once.

1) newer, i'd expect to have new tech on it.......sure its still on Cam900 (for af)...but the 3D matrix is larger than the D100, better range flash (i can't really tell the difference when i tested them, but the internet ppl say so)

2) faster write speed. lots faster...many ppl i've talk to that own the D100 tell me about the few second delay that you get between filled buffers....but thats if ur shooting action stuff.......things that dun move around should be ok...^^...i do lots of nature..but started with landscapes.......meh....i just like speed....

3) tho the build might seem less rugged.......be asured that the D70 is just a capable of taking a few hits. But not that i've dropped my D70 to check :G

4) weight..........D100 > D70..........im weak.....so there.......hahahaha

well thoes are my PERSONAL reason......might not be good.....etc....but i like my D70

booya....hope it helps......

and anyone is free to comment and add to how wonderful either camera is......
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Old Mar 22, 2005, 8:12 PM   #3
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Both are very good Camaras. I have a D100 and I like it better then the D70 mainly because it does not have a lot of crap I don't want or need built into it. I can change any setting on the run without ever looking at the menue.With the 24/120 "VR" lens I do everything I need to do and the photographs always turn out perfect in every way. I don't really do professional sports but I do shoot high school football and soccer etc. I never had a problem in the real world using My D100 for anything I needed to do. I like the D70 but not for Me.
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Old Mar 24, 2005, 12:37 PM   #4
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This seems to be a debating questions that have been going on for sometime.

In my opinion, after using both I would say go with the D70. For one it has newer technology in terms of faster connection and features.

D100 is an excellent dSLR and will continue to be good. But it is a bit more pricier. In that realms, you could get the Canon 20D or something. If you like the D100 and want to stick with Nikon formfactor, you have the Fujifilm S2 Pro which was based upon the D100 and are capable of using Nikon flashes and lens.

Other wise D70 offer great features for the price it is going for now with the rebate. It is light, portable, and offer pretty good speed. I was able to test it out on a wedding shot I was doing a few weekends ago. Solid dSLR.

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Old Apr 3, 2005, 8:30 PM   #5
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I feel just like smilepak. The D-100 was and still is a great digital camera. However, it represents "old technology" while the D-70 represents a newer version of technology.

My choice is the D-70.

Sarah Joyce
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Old Apr 11, 2005, 1:46 PM   #6
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:?...I would think that between the D70 and the film F3 we could discuss "old technology", but with the D100? I have had a D100 for almost a year now, and just spent 2 weeks using a D70 with my same lenses (a loaner from a friend); as good acamera, not great, but I could not detect that much of a final image quality improvement over the "obsolete:-)" D100. Sure you can shoot indefinately on the continuous mode, but I have shot a whole season of w.w. kayaking, mtn biking, dragonboatingand adventure races without throwing the camera to the ground upset at the lack of this feature.

Two things did come up though, that I would have been upset at with the D70:

Trekking for two weeks in the boonies following races around ontario, I was glad to be able to stick AA batteries in the handgrip ( I am not allways organized enough to recharge the batteries every day:?) to keep shooting. I was also very happy at the manual screw-in cable release: standing in the water with the camera positioned on the tripod, an infrared release would never work as quickly as that.

Anyhoo, they are both good enough cameras to make the photographer's skill the limiting factor, not the equipment. If you find the D100 not up to your capabilities, then check out the D70 first hand, as I don't think it will be good enough either.

:G...or give it a few weeks for the D70s; then the D70 will also be "obsolete" so the comparisson can be more or less even:G

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Old Apr 11, 2005, 3:19 PM   #7
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If the lack of agrip is all thatis stopping you from the D70, then check out:


It is also here in my D70 review:


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Old May 9, 2005, 7:20 PM   #8
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Been using the D100 for almost two years now after getting rid of two F5s and most of my film SLR as I feel that digital is the only way to go now. Looking at the D2X but not sure if it's the best yet as the Canon Mark II (full frame) seems to be better even after reading Bjorn Rorslett. Besides the D2X is VERY expensive and it pays to be very careful when parting with such a large sum of money. Had no problems when I bought two F5s a long time ago because everyone knew that it was a great camera. But in the digital realm which is still in its infancy but certainly maturing very fast, it might pay to wait a little longer until the digital image world is more stabilized as in the 35mm film era. But sadly the film era is gone for good although a few good years still remain.
Very tempted to buy the D70s BUT the problem is what if Nikon suddenly decides to produce an improved version of the D100? What will it be called? D200?

D100 is a very robust camera and in my opinion, after using Nikons for more than 25 years, will be more durable than the D70.

I think a fully upgraded version of the D100 will be a much better buy than the D70 unless of course Nikon decides not to do so, preferring to market their D70s. What if Nikon is stuck with their over investments in production of the D70? They must produce and they MUST sell. That is where clever marketing comes into play.

But that will not be good Nikon because if you make me wait too long, I might just switch over to Canon. I hope you will hear me because that are thousands of amateurs, ex-pros or pros who think like me ... Thanks.
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