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Hi, I'm new here. I've been owner of a D50 for about a month and have now finally started stepping into the realm of RAW shooting. I'm currently not at home so I don't have access to my usual computer or any of the supplied software that came with the camera, so I tried using Picasa to view and export the RAWs (or NEFs) to .jpg but I find that when I produce a jpg from a RAW it has no EXIF data in it. So, do RAWs carry any such data which can then be stored in a jpg made from them and if so, how can I get at it?

Thanks all.
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Yes. The raw files contain metadata that has the camera settings.

But, not all software can read it.

The problem is that manufacturers don't document how this data is stored. So, developers have to try and reverse engineer the formats to figure them out.

In the case of some Nikon models, some of the metadata is encrypted as well (Nikon encrypts information related to the as shot white balance in .nef files from the D50, D2x, D2Hs and D200).

Even when Nikon doesn't encrypt metadata, some of it is stored in a non-standard way.

For example, most EXIF readers have a tough time with the ISO speed used in the D50's jpeg files. That's because Nikon hides it in the "Maker Notes" section, versus the standard placeholder for ISO speed. But, you can get utilities designed to "fix" these Nikon jpeg images (reading the ISO speed from the maker notes tag it's stored in, and putting it where most EXIF readers can interpret it if it's a problem).

My suggestion would be to use another program to do your raw conversion. Picasa really isn't a very good tool for that purpose.

If you don't want to use Nikon's software and want a free solution (at least for right this minute), try RawShooter Essentials 2006. Note that the assets of it's maker (Pixmantec) were recently purchased by Adobe. So, this will probably be the last free version of it available.


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Thanks! I'll have a play with RawShooter for the meanwhile until I get back to uni where my regular stuff is... then I can decide what I prefer.
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