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Default Aftermarket bits for D7000

After a fair bit of research, I've decided that I will be purchasing a D7000, along with a two or three lenses. For the lenses, I will definitely be going with actual Nikon/Nikkor products.

But the question I'm posting here concerns some of the other bits/accessories. The specific items are: remote shutter control, extra battery, and vertical grip. For these items, should I really stick with actual Nikon parts (the ML-L3, EN-EL, and MB-D11 respectively), or will I do fine with aftermarket, third party offerings?

I'm not suggesting purchasing counterfeit/fakes, but there do seem to be "great deals" on other branded bits that are supposedly made for the D7000. Are any of these any good, or all they all suspect and/or junk? Can I save some money by going with some non-Nikon brand that works just fine, or will that money be wasted?

Any specific recommendations are appreciated.

thank you, dzx
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Hi dzx,

I just want to share my experience with the Nikon D7000, I had a D300 that served me well but the new sensor of the D7000 call my attention and I bought one.

The camera has problems of oil on the sensor and also AF issues so I returned it to the vendor for an exchange.

The second D7000 arrived and has the same issues, tried different settings but the results are the same, a very inconsistent AF, blurry pictures on shots below 1/100S because the vibration of the mirror and oil on the sensor, returned again and I bought the 3rd camera from a different vendor (B&H).

I tested the camera again and the results were the same, I spent like 3 months in this process trying to find the settings that will allow me to have sharp pictures with out success in addition the oil on the sensor problem was worst than my D600.

I sold all my DX gear and I went full frame with the D700 to avoid this issues.

Now I bought a D7100 to use it with a new long lens and the story is totally different, the D7100 is a fantastic camera , AF is fast and accurate, no oil on the sensor, no blurry pictures and I'm very satisfied with the results.

You should go with the D7100 and save some headaches.

Now about the questions:

Batteries: You should buy the original for better performance of your camera, I heard so many complains about generic batteries.

Battery Grip: I used to buy always Nikon grips but I found that the generics ones do the same job and you save a lot of money, I have great experience with Zuikos and Vello.

My only advice is not attach the tripod to your camera grip (I never do this even with the original Nikon) because it create vibration resulting in blurry pictures , specially shooting long exposures and also because the generics are not strong enough and can brake any moment. I use the grip only to extend the battery life and also to have better support and handling my camera with long lenses.

I hope this info can answer some of your questions.


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