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Originally Posted by rjseeney View Post
There are aftermarket batteries that do work. However, you have no way of knowing until you try them. ...
I find that the EN-EL14 batter for the Nikon D3100 & D5100 in particular is confusing. There are versions of the EN-EL14 battery that work on the Coolpix P7000, but NOT on the D3100, D5100 and maybe others. One thing to note is that the cheap EN-EL14s have a slightly higher AH rating. An alternative is to buy a two-battery grip that allows the cheap battery to work but only in conjunction with a genuine Nikon battery in the main slot. The cost of the grip and a cheap battery comes close to the price of a real Nikon battery so you might as well stick with the real thing.

I hope and pray for the day that Duracell decides to make a D3100-compatible version of the EN-EL14.
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Originally Posted by dahauss View Post
Hello.. I have a Nikon D3100 and I bought off EBAY a battery that said it was EN-EL14 for the NIKON D3100. it came from china and it is an aftermarket. When I put the battery in, I get the message "this battery cannot be used choose battery for use in this camera" . is there any way to resolve this or is there no aftermarket batteries that will work?
I don't like the fact that NIKON want to be the only ones to buy batteries from so they deliberately make it so aftermarkets ones don't work. That pissed me off with the D5100.

For those of you saying you should only use Nikon batteries, then your also saying not to use Sigma, Tamron lenses too, only Nikon.
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Seeing as how this thread has been resurrected, I would like to update my first post on this.
Over here the EN-EL14 sells from between 69 and 49 at High st dealers.I found imitation Nikon batts online for 7 ??
The cheapest Hahnel equivalent I could find on line was 32.50 so I paid 37 with free delivery for a genuine Nikon battery through a Nikon recommended on line dealer.
I personally think Nikon is right not to allow people to put cheap batteries into their cameras.
If they allow any battery to be used you can bet someone will put a 7 one in, with possible warranty claims involved.
I dont think there has ever been a Sigma or Tamron lens that has caused damage to camera bodies but lots of battery damage.
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Originally Posted by jack55 View Post
For those of you saying you should only use Nikon batteries, then your also saying not to use Sigma, Tamron lenses too, only Nikon.
No. Think about it.

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