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I am having the battery problem. Shuts down for no reason. Unfortunately I have sent to nikon for repairs. Has anyone else sent theirs out??

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Old Feb 21, 2008, 6:11 AM   #12
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I had it happen again yesterday.

Please let us know how long it takes Nikon to fix/return your camera.

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Old Feb 21, 2008, 10:48 AM   #13
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From all the reports I've seen, if you use genuine Nikon batteries, you won't have problems. They aren't that much more than the knockoffs (I paid $41 for a second battery for my D300) and Nikon really isn't under any obligation to make the cameras compatible with the copies.
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Old Feb 21, 2008, 9:55 PM   #14
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WGH wrote:

I spoke to Nikon UK about the problems with the batteries and asked them if they had had any other complaints about the batteries.

What I was told was that Nikon had not put any form of block on compatible batteries being used in either the D3 or D300.

The guy at Nikon said he had just refreshed 2 batteries he had (en-el4) 1 being a Nikon and 1 being a compatible and both had worked ok with the D3.

I am at the moment in a situation where I have 2 Compatibles (£45.00 EACH) which dont work and the suppliers saying that they do.

Can someone else contact Nikon on 0800 652 9580and see what they have to say and let me know.


Not quite a year ago after I just bought a D80. I bought a battery grip for it and after I got over the shock of "Nikon" prices, I saw and bought a couple of 3rd party EN-EL3E's for about one-third of the price, and they were higher capacity. Theywere advertised on an online auction as having the microprocessor built-in so it would not overcharge and were 100% compatible with the D80 andthey were... They worked a treat - for a while. After aboutten or twelve discharge cycles, out of the blue a whole range of troubles began and they seemed to stem from the batteries.

1. One battery would not charge up. I would stick it into the Nikon charger and after no more than 5 minutes the orange charge LED would always stop flashing. Even leaving the battery in the charger for hours after would make no difference. It just would not charge up.

2. Even though it wouldnot charge up, it would show as 95% charged when put into the battery grip and the battery charge state was checked from within the menu, but would rapidly go flat once used.

3. All of a sudden the "Nikon" chargerwouldn't charge up any battery at all, genuine or not. It simply stopped charging. I borrowed my brothers D200 charger, which is the same as the D80, and it charged the Nikon battery and one of the replacements but NOT the dud replacement. Same thing, it stopped after about 5 minutes. I then used his EN-EL3E battery in my camera just to make sure the D80 was not playing up. It was OK. Phewww, thank heavens.

I went into the camera shop to buy another charger and a new Nikon battery, so I could at least have ONE battery and charger which would work. I took all the faulty batterries and the charger in to let them have a look. The guy plugged in the charger dropped in my Nikon battery and it was charging as per normal... HUhhhh...!!! After about 15 minutes he tried the good replacement battery and it too seemed to charge up ok. I stopped him from trying the dud replcement,, just incase... I bought one new Nikon EN-EL3E battery and went home scratching my noodle but happy things were at least back on track... I put both of the replacement batteries out in the shed, where as far as I was concerned, they could rot.

Now, here's the ironical part...

Just one month ago, I bought a D300...I waslooking around while waiting for the new EN-EL3E D300 battery to charge, and I spotted the two replacement batteries out of the corner of my eye. For some unkown reason, after 8 or more months, I decided to try charging them up again. Low and behold they both charged up after a few hours in the charger. I am stuffed if I know what's going on with these batteries. I tried them both in the D300 for a few cycles and then decidedI should geta couple of genuine Nikon jobs,, but they both charged up normally each time....


These batteries were advertised as - having Japanese cells but assmebled in China and were of the highest standard. They also have the charge chip built-in to them so they would not over charge and would be 100% compatible with the D80...

My guess is that in this neck of the woods, there is a flood of cheap and often nasty "made in Ch*na" goods all of a sudden. Even though most of it seems to function, it is usually far below the standard set by their Asian cousins from whence the Nikon came. One year ago, I would notcriticise Chinese made goods, as I would often opt for the stuff because of its cheaper pricetag. Now I am not so sure.

It is a theme I am all too often hearing lately... Asa builder, I would not touch any tools with the Made in Ch*** label on them as the steel they use in their tools is absolute - well you know what I want to say... As an amateur/hobbyist photographer(and not a very good one at that), I know that some Nikkor lenses have the label in them but I will not touch any accessory parts or copies of known brands made in that part of the world. My fingers (and wallet) have been burned more than once doing so...

I don't know about your batteries, but now I would certainly pay the extra,, for that extra assurance... In my opinion, you (and anybody) would do wise to stick to the genuine Mc Coy... Elminate all the "known" possible causes of problems...
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Just this hour sold my D200 to a mate and will be getting the D300 replacement soon enough... Sold him the D200 Battery grip with one genuine EN-EL3e battery ... leaving me with 2 spare for the D300 all genuine... and glad I did...

I had a mountain of trouble with Batterys for a video camera a few years back... been wary of them ever since.
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Old Feb 25, 2008, 1:31 PM   #16
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I just started having this same issue with a new D300 and the 70 x 200 2.8 VR

lense only. I have two D200 and it will do the same on one of the D200 . I sent

one D200 back to nikon for a shutter replacement after 4,000 pic and when it returned it was fine . I haven't seen the dead battery issues with or without a grip

I have read where other users that have this issue 99 % of the time have the Nikon 70 x 200 2.8 VR attached .

I think Nikon is being real quiet about this issue and no fix

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Old Feb 26, 2008, 10:22 PM   #17
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I have the exact sample problem that just popped up with my D80. Both Batteries are NIKON EN-EL3e's. While they fully charge, and the camera menu reads the batteries as fully charged, the LCD display shows little battery life and dies after one or two shots. I have to continuously turn the camera on and off to take photos. This doesn't work to well when I'm taking lots of sport action shots.

Any ideas?????
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Old Mar 12, 2008, 3:58 PM   #18
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On my D300, I use the OEM Nikon battery in the body and an aftermarket battery in the grip. No problems!
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Old Mar 26, 2008, 11:29 PM   #19
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I have a D200 and D300. I sent the D200 back to Melville end of Jan. because even with a brand new Nikon battery fully charged, the camera would not turn on---zero, zip. After 2 months, I called them to ask what the status of my repair was. Email to me stated the "part" was on its way. Within 72 hrs I had a D200. Not mine, but a brand new one! Hummmmm???

Now for the D300. Less than 90 days old , it is crapping out. Put a BRAND NEW NIKON BRAND battery in. Shows full for a minute or so---then shows dead.
Turn it off, turn it on---works for a minute or so--then dead.
My observation at present is that this is happening only with my 200-400 VR. I have not tried the 70-200, but am VERY curious. My 12-24 attached seems to be no issue at present. I am perplexed as to WHY---any answers out there, Nikon????

Like you, I a quite skeptical over Nikon's 'silence' over this issue.

I did call the National Customer Relations Mgr in El Segundo today and he told me to clean the metal contact tips with the end of a pencil eraser. I di. It did not help with the 200-400 attached. I like what the other gentleman suggested---a paper or foam shim to help PRESS the battery into the contacts as the 'door' doesn't seem to be pressing the battery very much.
All I can do is try and report back.

I am really upset after spending almost $3500 for 2 camera bodies in less than 9 months and am having such incredible problems!!!! What is so amazing is that it is the SAME problem with BOTH cameras.
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Old Mar 27, 2008, 7:11 AM   #20
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ss06470 wrote:
Yes I have the identical problem One site on e bay claims theirs will work. Anyone findabrandthat will work for sure?
The Nikon ENEL3E works just fine! Stay away from the aftermarket brands!
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