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Originally Posted by JohnG View Post
... I never really understood the whole DX mode ...
If you're going to mount a DX lens on an FX body, why would you want to handle multiple 24MP images, especially multiple 24MP RAW images, when you know you're going to disgard the better part of them anyway?

JohnG, as I recall, you do most of your shooting with a 1.3X crop body anyway. The difference between a 1.3X crop and a 1.5X crop (or 1.6X crop with Canon APS-C only lenses) isn't that much, so naturally it wouldn't mean much to you.
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TCAV - you're going to get rid of vignetting. If you're buying the camera, you should be prepared for large files, otherwise there's no point in owning it. I haven't heard of anyone buying an FX camera that has zero intention of using FX lenses and is afraid of the file size. Just my opinion, but I really don't see the usefulness of the feature. But maybe others who actually have an FX camera can weigh in to say if (and why) they use the feature.
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Originally Posted by Wizzard0003 View Post
Depends on what kind of photography you do... If you shoot BIF's or fast
paced sports then crop mode (depending on the camera) can give you more

I believe the D800, for example, only gives 4fps in FF (36mp) but that
increases to 5fps in DX crop mode (15.3mp). For some photog's this is
important and comes with the added advantage of the higher dynamic
range and ISO performance that the D800 sensor is fast becoming known

It's not for everyone but some find crop mode useful for different reasons...
Now, that seems like a more logical reason to use the crop mode if you're getting a better frame rate.
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