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Buy the previous low light champ the d50. You can get one off craigslist $250. Mine had 1000 snaps. There are many reasons to buy this over a d40 or d60 but the ability to use older af lenses and the 5 instead of three auto focus points were reason enough. And no I don't find the rear lcd too small.

Buy a 18-70mm off. I bought one from a pro, NIB, for $100. This isn't a junk kit lens.

Buy a 50mm 1.8 af or afd for less than $100. Mine was $95 and I got three filters and a lens hood. Sharpest lens ever made by Nikon. I use mine for inside shots of my grandchild.

I also bought a 70-210mm f/4 for $150 which came with two filters and a Lowepro case. This old lens is Nikon's sharpest consumer zoom and for a few bucks, Nikon can make it perform like new.

I have seen an 18-200mm for less than $500, but like my set up.

I love Craigslist.
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mlhm5 wrote:
Buy the previous low light champ the d50. You can get one off craigslist $250. Mine had 1000 snaps.
Out of curiosity, for Nikon cameras - how do you know the camera didn't have 11000, 21000, 31000 or 61000 snaps?
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It's in the proprietary maker notes data for Nikon dSLR models. You can see the number of shutter actuations on current Nikon dSLR models with some of the popular EXIF readers now (for example, Opanda's IExif).

The photo numbering won't impact the number of shutter actuations stored there.

I'm assuming the OP used a tool capable of reading that info (versus assuming the photo numbering represented it). If not, there may have been many more photos taken with it. lol

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I still use my Nikon D-50 regularly. In fact next year it will go with me on a 6 month long contract. Yes, its only 6mp, but excellent at low light, and easy to use. For somebody starting out in DSLR's it would be a bargain camera to really cut your teeth on initially.

Sarah Joyce
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Great advice for any one who wants a "serious" camera without breaking the bank. I recently sold mine on craigslist and have felt mild remorse ever since. I bought a Sony A300 and have been very happy with the in-camera stabilization, which I need, since I'm not as steady as I once was. But the D50feels very solid, gives excellent low light performance, has exposure bracketing, and as the OP said, will autofocus with all Nikon AF lenses.

I love Craigslist
Me too. Glad you're happy. I'm sure you'll enjoy the camera. Robert
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