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Dig Feb 2, 2007 8:16 AM

I noticed a big black spot on some of my photos recently and lifted the mirror as per the instruction book to see the sensor.

Low and behold there was a big dust goober on the bottom left corner of the sensor. I have a hard time understanding how it got there since I have not removed the lens since I first installed it on the camera, but non-the-less, there it is.

Any recommendations on the safest way to remove it? I wanted to stick my finger in there and try to get it off with the tip of my fingernail but my friend stopped me.

Anyway, the manual suggests blowing it off. Are they talking about canned air or one of those little squeeze blowers?


Greg Chappell Feb 2, 2007 9:02 AM

You never want to use canned air to blow particles off your sensor. The force can be too much and you could wind up ruining your sensor. Any manual that mentions "blowing the particles off" is referring to a blower bulb you handsqueeze. Hold the camera with the lens opening facing down so what ever you dislodge falls out and doesn't just fly somewhere else and give the bulb a quick squeeze to create a soft puff. Do it a few times, but don't go too far inside the lens mount with the blower. You don't want to accidently hit the sensor. There are also sensor swabs that are sold with a liquid you can use to clean the sensor, but you want to try & get whatever's on there off first with air to avoid possibly scratching the sensor with the swabs.

Remember, that sensor is the most expensive part of your camera. Any of the above could damage it if done incorrectly. No method used by people to clean their own sensorsis fool proof, so be careful.

Jacques_T Feb 2, 2007 11:02 AM

I would suggest if you cannot get it off with a bulb blower take it to a Nikon cert. outlet / for cleaning. It's going to cost a lot less than a new sensor!!

Good luck, hope you can get it sortedwithout taking it in for servicing!


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