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The Nikon D40, D40x, and D60 models all lack the built in Autofocus Motor you find in all other Nikon dSLR models. So, fewer lenses will work with them (they require lenses with a built in focus motor like Nikon's AF-S or Sigma's HSM lenses). Some newer Tamron lenses are starting to come with focus motors built in for these entry level Nikon bodies now, too. But, the vast majority of Autofocus lenses made in Nikon's F Mount would not Autofocus on these bodies (including some of the lenses you mentioned in your last post). So, your choices in third party (as well as Nikkor) lenses is more limited with a body like the D60.

These 3 Nikon bodies (D40, D40x, D60) all use a 3 point AF sensor versus the more advanced sensors found in the D80 and up Nikon bodies.

I'd suggest starting a new thread in our What Camera Should I Buy? forum since it sounds like you're starting over from scratch to stay within a specific budget.

I'd give members a better idea of your initial budget for both a camera and lenses (and you don't have to buy everything at once), with as much detail as possible on your comments about things like "action shots", since the type of subjects you're shooting, and the conditions you're shooting in (outdoors in daylight, night under lights, indoors) have a huge impact on the lens choices needed.

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